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© Marko Grnroos, 1998

IGGL1 DICT Gaeilge-English dictionary (Irish gaelic)

Copyright 1995 by GAELIC-L mailing list owners, all rights reserved. You may freely view or download this document, but may not edit it, incorporate it into anything or store it in different format without permission from GAELIC-L owners.

Some of the accented characters are systematically wrong.

a which, all that
A [ah] his, her, their
abair say
abairt - sentence
abha (abhainn) [oww-ah] river
abhaile homewards
bhalmhr enormous
bhar subject, material
bhar conspide cause of controversy
abhus reason, cause, material
bhar buartha cause for concer n: thall is abhus = here and there: abhus = here, in this place
ach but
ach oiread either
ach amhin except
achainn request,petition
achar distance, period of time: gan mrn achair = before long: achar gearr = a short time
achrann (a) fight, dispute, conflict: achrann mleata = military dispute <euphemism for act of: war> = : achrainn idirnsinta = international disputes
acht act <law enacted>: a achtaodh = which was enacted
acmhainn resources
Acu at them
acra [-] acre
adeir according to
dh luck: dh mr = good luck/good-bye
adhmad wood
admhil I admit: nor admhaigh siad = they didn't admit
aduaidh north, from the north
aer air
Aerfort [ayr-fort] Airport
arg [air-owg] aerial
aer phost [ayr fust] airmail
fach however
ag prefix for english -ing: t . . . ag = have ...
ag [egg] at, to
Agaibh at you
Againn at us
agallamh interview: ina agallamh le ANOIS = in his interview with ANOIS (an Irish newspaper)
agam "at-me"
Agat at you
aghaidh face,front: ar aghaidh = in front of, facing: in aghaidh = against: le haghaidh = for (the purpose of)
agid protest
agus [aw-gus] and
aib ripe, smart
aibocht ripeness, smartness
Aibren, Aibrein April
aice: in aice near, beside
Aici at her
aicmeach class: cogadh aicmeach = class war
aidhm(eanna) aim(s), objective(s): aidhm fhadtarmach = long-term aim
aifal regret
Aifreann [af-rinn] mass
Aige at him: a bhas aige = that he will have
aighneas dispute
aigne mind
il: is il liom I wish
aill cliff, big rock
ille mormost beautiful
aimhleas mischief, disadvantage, doubt, suspicion
aimsir [am-shir] weather, time
aingeal angel: gan ainisteiseach = without anaesthetic
ainm [ann-um] name: ainm na hireann = the name of Ireland: ainmneacha = names: ainmneacha na ndaoine = the names of the people
ainmh (an) animal: ainmhithe = animals
ainmnithe named, appointed
ainneoin in spite of, dispite
intn aunt
air on it, on him
aird heed, notice
airde height, tallness: in airde = up, high <as in 'five ft high'>
aire [ahra] Caution, Danger, care
aireamh I count, reckon
ireamhn Calculator
airgead [ah-rah-gid] money: breis airgid = more money, additional finance: an t-airgead seo = this money
airgeadioch fiscal
airigh (aireachtil) feel, hear
airm hear
irithe special, certain, particular: go hirithe = particularly,: especially = ais:: le hais = beside, compared with: lena ais = beside him: ar ais = back: ag iomp ar ais = turning back: ar ais go hirinn = back to Ireland
is convenience, benefit
aisce free, gratis
Aisiontacht Agency
aisteach peculiar, strange, queer
aisteoir () actor
aistrigh translate
aistritheoir() translator(s)
aistri translating,: translation = : aistrichn = (a) translation: X a aistri = to translate X
it [aw-teh] place: in it = in place of, instead of
aitheantas recognition
aithne acquaintance, knowing (of person): cur in aithne do = introduce
aithne commandment
aithnigh (aithneachtil) recognize
aithnm I recognize: go n-aithnonn X = that X recognises
aithrist imitation, mimicry
aithritheoir(i) resident(s)
itil local (singular adj.): itila = local (plural adj.)
l clutch, litter
lainn: go h-lainn [guh hawl-inn] beautiful
Alraim Alarm
Alba (Albain) Scotland
allas sweat: cur allais = sweating
alt article in magazine, in newspaper
altir (acha) altar(s)
am [om] time: amanna = sometimes: cn t-am = what time is it: in am = in time
amach [aw-mack] Out/Exit, out(wards): amach anseo = in the future, in a while: as seo amach = from this time on, this day forward: ligithe amach = released, let out
amacn is 'a extremely
amadn fool: a amadin = you fool
amireach tomorrow
amanathar the day after tomorrow
ambassadir() ambassador(s)
amhin only, one, exclusively: ach amahin = except: n hamhin = not only
amharc sight
amharclann [ow-arc-lunn] theatre
amhdaigh (amhdachtil) admit, thus, so, how: gur amhlaidh = apparently
amhrn (in) song(s)
amhrna (aithe) [ow-ran-ee] singer
amhrnaocht singing
Amhrn na bhFiann [ow-rawn na veen] the Soldiers' Song
amhras doubt, suspicion: nl aon amhras = there is no doubt
amhrasach doubtful
amplch greedy
am astray, wasted
amuigh outside, out, without
an the(singular)
an per/each: punt an duine = a pound per person
an (with verbs)question
an- intensive prefix - very, excellent
anachain misfortune
anall hither, from over there, from beyond
anam soul
andil craving, inordinate desire
aneas south, from the south
aniar from the west, from behind: aniar sa leaba = up in the bed
anos up from below
anlann sauce
ann "in it", there, in existence: in ann = able (can)
annamh rare
annraith [on-ree] soup
annamh seldom
anocht tonight
anir from the east
anois now: anois beag = just now
anonn over, across
anraith soup
anr hardship
ansan there, then
anseo here
ansin therthen
ansid there (implying: distance) =
anuas down from above: le seachtain etc. anuas = for the last week etc.
anuraidh last year
aoibhinn pleasant
an Aoine Friday
aoirde height
aois (eanna) age, century: aois scortha = quitting age
aon onany: a haon [a hayn] =(number)one: gach aon = each of, every
aonach fair
aonar solitude, singleness: duine aonair = a solitary person
aontacht pholatochta political union
aontacht pholatiil political union
aontacht r new union <political>
aontas agreement (unity)
Aontas Sivadach Soviet Union
Aontas na Sivide the Soviet Union
aont (aontaigh) to agree: aont eatarthu fin = to agree amongst: themselves = : aont faoi(n) = agree about (the): aont na Gearmine = the unification of: Germany = anon: a h-aon dag [a hane-jayg] =eleven
aos age
aosta old
r [orr] Our: r dtithe [orr di-heh] =Our houses.: r n-ainmneacha ["nanim-nocha] =Our names.
ar [err] on,upon: ar an bhar sin = for that reason, because of that: ar an s = in comfort: ar chuma igin = somehow: ar dts = in the beginning, at first
ar, arsa said: ar seisean = he said, said he
ara interjection (expressing offhadedness, dismissal)
rachas insurance
Araib Shadach Saudi Arabia
Araibis Arabic
rainn Aran
arn [uur-awn] bread: arn donn [urr-awn done] =brown bread: arn prta [urr-awn praw-tee] =potato bread: arn tsta = toast
rannach Aran islander
rasn flat, apartment: rasin = apartments: rasin stit = state-owned apartments
arbhar corn
ard high, tall
Ardn [ord-awn] Platform, high ground
Ard-Oifig an Phoist [awrd iffig in fwisht] General Post Office
ard (ardaigh) raise, rise, grow, higher,: increase = : a n-ard = being raised(plural)
arir last night
ar fad all
ariamh ever, never
arst again
argint() argument(s), disagreement(s)
arm [orm] army, weapon
rsa ancient ar: ar amireach = the day after tomorrow: ar anuraidh = the year before last: ar inn = the day before: yesterday =
as [aws] from, out of: as seo amach = from this time on, this day forward: amach as = out of
asal donkey
at that is, that are
athair father
athaont reunification: athaont na Gearmine = the reunification of: Germany = : athaont na hireann = the reunification of: Ireland =
thas joy
Athbhliain faoi mhaise! Happy New Year!
Athbhliain faoi shan is faoi mhaise! A happy and prosperous New: Year! =
athbhreosl refuelling
athghabhil reconquest
athram I change
athr (athraigh) change, alteration
athruithe changes <note: no fada>: an t-athr = the change
Atlantach Atlantic
atrnae attorney
ba past tense of is: ba chir dibh = they should <ought to>: ba cheart dibh = they should <ought to>
babhal bowl
Babog baby
bac (bacadh) bother, prevent
bacach lame
bacal lameness
bacaim: n bac don't heed him: n bac leis = have nothing to do with him
bd (bid) [bawd] boat: an bd = the boat: na bid = the boats: na bid seo = these boats <adding 'seo' turns 'the' into: 'these'> =
bdor boatman
bdireacht boating
baghcat boycott
bagn [bog-oon] bacon: ag bagairt ar X = threatening X
Bagiste [bog-aw-sthe] Baggage
bigh drown
bail prosperity, blessing: bail Dhia ar = a blessing from God on
baile [boll-yah] home, village: as an mbaile = from home: sa baile = at home: chun an bhaile = homewards: baile mr = town: Baile tha Cliath = Dublin: baile fearainn = townland
baileach exactly, quite
bailigh (baili) collect
bailm I gather, collect: baili leis = clearing off
bille bailiff
bain take (with effort), extract, reap: bain triail as = try it, give it a try
baineacht whiteness
bainim I cut ( turf): bainim as = I get from: bainim de = I take away from
bainis wedding feast
bainisteoir manager: Bainisteoir Pearsanra = Personnel Manager
bainne milk: bainne te = warm milk
bainron (-acha) queen
baint taking, extracting, reaping: taitneamh a bhaint as = to enjoy: baint as = teasing: baint de = taking off: baint amach = reaching, achieving: baintear leas as X = X is (are) used: a bhain amach = reach: bainte amach = reached: t baint agam le = I am connected with
baintreach widow
bairille barrel
bisn basin
bisteach (bist) rain raining
Baisteach (a) Baptist
Baistigh Baptists
baladh smell
ball: ar ball in a while, a while ago
ball member, piece (of furniture or clothing), instument, place
balla wall
ballach, rock bream
ballraocht membership
Bn [bawn] White
bn untilled land
banaltra nurse
banana banana
banbh piglet
banc [bonk] bank
bndearg pink
bnghlas pale green
bnghorm pale blue
banron [bon-reen] queen
bnrua light red, sandy
bansagairt women priests
baol danger
baoth silly, foolish
barr top, summit: de hbarr = on account of: thar barr = outstandingly good
barr- outstanding
barraocht too much
barril gay, funny, droll
baril drole, amusing, comical
baril notion, opinion
barlacht drollery
bs death: fil bhis = dying: chun bis = to death: fuair s bs = he died
Bascach Basque: an Bhascais = the Basque language
bsta waist
bata [battah] stick
beach [bach] bee
beag [behg] small, little: beag bdeach = tiny, little
beagn a small amount: for-bheagn = very little
beagnach almost
beainc bank (money)
bal mouth, brim, opening
Bal Feiriste Belfast
bealach way, tv channel: beala = ways: beala a aimsi = to find ways: chun bealaigh = away: an bealach seo = this way: an bealach sin = that way
baloideas folklore
Bealtaine, Bhealtaine May
Bean [ban] a woman, wife: bean an t = hostess: bhean t = housewife: bean s [ban shee] =fairy woman: bean phsta = (a) married woman: bean rialta = nun
beannacht greeting, blessing: beann (beannaigh) = bless, salute, greet: Beannachta an tsasir! = Season's greetings!
ber bar
Barla, Bharla [bare-lah] English(lit. "dialect"): Barla na Sacsan = the speech of the English, English
bearr shave, cut hair
bearraim I clip, shave
beart [barth] parcel
beart move <in a game>, shift, device, manoevre, act
beatha life, livelihood, food: go mbeathfa go frsil X = that X would be: force-fed =
beidh will be: beidh aifala ort = you will regret: beidh brn ort = you will be sorry: beidh ar x = x will have to
bil a meal
beilt belt
bim faoi leith special emphasis
beir give birth to, lay eggs: beir ar = seize, catch, hold: beirim = I take, bear: beirim ar = I take hold of
beireann X an chraobh X wins hands down
beirm I boil
Beirln Berlin
beirt two persons
beithfoch beast
beo alive, lively, quick
beoghearradh vivisection: beoghearradh 50,000 = 50,000 were vivisected
beoir [byore] beer
beos aliveness, quickness
b'fhidir perhaps, maybe
bhagair threaten
bheith to be
bheirim I give, bring: go bhfaigheadh X bs = until X die(s): go bhfuil sil ag x = x intends
bh was, were (past of t): Bh m = I was: Bhomar = we were: Bh s = he was: Bh s = she was: Bh siad = they were: Bh sibh = you were: Bh t = you were
bhoil (pause word)
Bhur [voor] Your: Bhur lmha [voor lauva] =Your hands.: Bhur n-aidhmeanna [voor nime-unuh] =Your aims.
b be: t = : beidh = : bheith =
bia food
bille Bill <before the Senate, not a man's name!>
billeoig leaf
binn gablewall
binn sweet (music), melodious: binneadas = melodiousness
binse bench
bodh vta ag Y let Y have votes, permission to vote
bogann s she stirs <here 'she arouses': !> =
bonn pres. hab. of t
bior point, pointed stick
bith obsolete noun meaning "world"
bith: ar bith any, at all ( on earth): rud ar bith = anything, nothing
blaincad blanket
blais (blaiseadh) taste
blaosc eggshell, skull
Blarag a sort of cow (lowland breed, not bo ruadh)
blas taste, good accent
blasta tasty, sharp (knife)
blth [blaw] flower, bloom, blossom
blthanna flowers
blthach [blaw-huckh] buttermilk
bliain year: an bhliain = the year: blianta = years: na blianta = the years: i mbliana = this year: dh bhliain = two years: in aghaidh na bliana = per annum
bls [bloos] blouse
b [bo] cow: ba (beithgh) = cows
bobil <fishing with a bundle of worms (in: Connemara)> =
bobailn 'ball, tuft, tassel, pompom, small knob as on a child's: cap' =
bobailneach 'tufted, tasselled'
bob piste <worms tied up and used for fishing bait in: Connemara> =
bocht poor, soft
bodach boor, lout, thug <feminists use this for `m.c.p.'>: a bhodaigh ! = (you) boor!
bodhar deaf, hollow (sound)
bodhrn [bowr-awn] traditional drum
bog soft, tender, mild and damp
bog (bogadh) soften, move about: ar bogadh = steeping
boilsci inflation: rta boilscithe = inflation rates
boinn sole
bois palm of hand: bualadh bos = clapping
boladh smell
bolg belly: danamh bolg-le-grin = sunbathing
bomaite minute
bnea [bone-ah] collar
bonn a coin
bord [board] table
bosca [busskeh] box
bosca ceoil [buska kyole] melodeon
Bostn Boston
bthar [bow-hor] a road: ar thaobh an bhthair = on the side of the road
botn mistake, error
brabach profit: bhrabis = profit
brch: go brch forever
bradach theiving, sly, dishonest
bradn [brod-awn] salmon
brilln sheet (bed)
braiteoireacht hesitating
braith depend: brath = expectation: ag brath ar = depending on
branar fallow land
braon a drop
Brasal, Bhrasal Brazil
brat [broth] flag
bratach flag, banner: bratach a iompar = to carry a banner
(go) bre [guh braw] fine
breac [brack] trout, fish
brag lie, untruth
bran (braon?) bored, fed up
bran rotten smelling Breatain, Bhreatain, Breataine: an Bhreatain = Britain: na Breataine = of Britain
Breathain Beag Wales (little Britain): na Breataine Bige = of Wales
Breathnach Welsh
breathnaigh look: breathn = looking: breathn uaidh = looking (idly) into: distance =
bridn [bray-jeen ay] tweed
breith I bear, birth
breithinas judgement, opinion
breoite sick
br force, vigor: cn bhr ach = what would it matter: except =
brc brick
bricfsta [brick-fasta] breakfast
Brd Brigid
Brdn little Brigid <dim. Biddy, Bridie,: etc.> =
bris break, sack
brisim I break
briseadh [brish-uh] change
briste broken
brste trousers
brionglid dreaming
brig shoe
brga shoes
broinn breast, womb
brn sorrow, grief: mo bhrn = alas
brnach sad sorrowful
brostaigh hurry
brothallach warm
br (brigh) press, bruise, crush,: mash = : faoi bhr = under pressure: ag br fa choinne = pressing for
bruach river bank
brchtal burping, belching
bruith boil, coook
Bruscar [brew-scar] Litter
bua [boo-ah] victory,talent, virtue: bua na filochta = the gift of poesy, of composing poetry: bua an cheoil = musical talent
Buachaill [boo-kill] a boy
buaile paddock, milking place
buail (bualadh) strike, hit, beat, comgo briskly
buailim I strike
buainim I reap
buamala bombing
buan lasting, durable
buartha worried, troubled
buatais boot
buatais boots
Bu [bwee] Yellow, orange
buicad bucket
buidal bottle
buile fit of anger
builn loaf: builn arin = loaf of bread
buille blow, strike
buoch grateful
buochas thanks, gratitude: buochas le Dia = thanks be to God
buon class, band (of people)
bistir butcher
bulln bullock
bun bottom, foundation, basis: bhun = lenited ("aspirated") form of bun, after a preposition: ar bun = afoot, going on: cur ar bun = setting up, founding: i mbun = in charge of, running, attending to: bun bhar = basic subject, raw: material = : bunsach = basic, fundamental: go bunsach = basically,: fundamentally = : athraithe go bunsach = fundamentally changed
buneolas basic information
bunscoil primary school
Burma Burma
bus [bus] bus
c [kaw] Where: C bhfuil? [kaw will] =Where is?: C bhfuil s? [kaw will shay] =Where is it?
cabaire talkative person
cabaireacht prattling, nattering
cabiste [cob-awsh-cheh] cabbage
cabhair assistance, help
cabhantar counter
cabhlach navy
cac shit
cca cake, (homemade)bread
cad what?
cads [cod-aws] cotton
Cad [kod ay] what: Cad sin? [kod eh shin] =What is that?: Cad t ort? = What is worng with you
Cad mar [kod ay mar] how
Cadhnra Battery
cg [cawg] jackdaw
caid ball <football>
cideo how long since
caife [caff-ay] caf/coffee
cil fame, renown, reputation
cailc chalk
Cailn [call-een] a girl
ciluil famous, renowned
caill (cailleadh) lose, miss
cailleach [kall-yuckh] witch
caillim I lose
caint talk, conversation, speech, chat, exchange, discussion: caint ar = mentioning, talking of
cainteanna talks: an chaint = the talk: an chaint uile = all the talk: an chaint ar fad = all the talk: caint bhaoth = pointless, foolish talk
cainteoir speaker
cinteoir fault-finders
cainteoir speakers
caipn cap
caiptn captain
cairde friends
cairdeas friendship: a chairde ! = friends - vocative: a chairde = his friends: a cairde = her friends: mo chairde = my friends: r gcairde = our friends: do chairde = your friends <singular>: bhur gcairde = your friends <plural>: a gcairde = their friends
cis [cawsh] cheese
Cisc Easter: An Chisc [un chaushk] =Easter
caislen [kosh-lawn] castle
caite (caith) use (up), spend, wear, throw, shoot, have to: ...seo caite = last ...
caitheamh spending: caitheamh faoi = taking a seat: i gcaitheamh = during: i gcaitheamh na / an = during the
caithim I spend, throw, use
Caitliceach, Chaitliceach (a) Catholic
Caitlicigh Catholics
caladh, cala, quay, port, landing-place
call call, need, necessity
cam crooked: gcampa = camps
canad where
candil auction
canna tin/can
cantalach cantanakerous, bad-humored
caoga [kweeg-ah] fifty
caogad fifith
caoi way, opportunity, means: ar aon caoi = at any rate: cur caoi ar = fixing, mending: sa gcaoi gnach = in order that, so that: cn chaoi = what way how: is an chaoi = actually
Caoimhn, Chaoimhn Kevin
caoin (caoineadh) cry, lament: ag caoineadh = crying
caoireoil [queer-ole] mutton
caoirigh plural
caol narrow, slender
caomhaigh conservatives
caomhnaigh preserve
caora [queer-ah] sheep
capall [cop-ull] horse
captaen captain
cr [cawr] car
cara friend: a chara na n-rann ! = my dear friend! <said to heal/seal: friendship> =
carabhat tie
carabhata scarf
caraid friend
carr car
carraig rock
carraig an Aifrinn [corr-ig un af-inn] Mass rock
Carrchls [car-khlos] Car-park
crta card: crta phoist [cawr-tah fwisht] =postcard
carthanachta charitable
cs case, sympathy: cuir i gcs = take for instance, for: example = : an cs ar son = the case for: i gcs isc olla = in the case of lanolin: i gcs carach beach = in the case of beeswax
cas turn, sing, play, meet
casadh turning
casaim I turn
casg jacket
casta complicated
castil meeting
casr hammer
cat [cot] cat
cath [koh] battle
Cathain? [caw-hin] When?: cathain a thiocfaidh X = when X will come, when will X come
cathair [coh-urr] city: na cathrach = of the city
Cathal, Chathal Charles
Cathal hEochaidh Charles Haughey: Chathail U Eochaidh = of Charles Haughey
cathaoir chair
cathaoirleach chairperson
c [kay] who, what, where: c sin? [kay shin] =who's that?: C againn? [kay agwin] =Which (one) of us?: C a rinne ? [kay ah reen-eh eh] =Who did it?: C chaoi bhfuil t? [kay hay will thoo] =Connaught Irish: C leis ? [kay lesh eh] =Who is it?: C mhad? [kay vade] =How much?: C mhad at ar. . .? = how much is . . .: c mhid = what size: nl a fhios cn = there is no knowing: how =
c gnach although, even though
c quay
ceacht lesson: na ceachtanna seo = these lessons
ceachtar either,any
cead permission, leave
cad [kayd] a hundred: an cad = the first: an chad fhile = the first festival: b'shin an chad fhile = that was the first: festival = : cad = hundredth
ceadaithe permitted
Cadaoin, Chadaoin Wednesday: an Chadaoin seo chugainn = this coming (next) Wednesday
ceadnas [kyad-oon-as] license
ceadnais licences
ceamara camara
Ceanada Canada <no 'an' in nominative>: Cheanada = of Canada <no 'na' in genitive>
ceangal (ceangail) tie, bind: ceangailte le = tied to, linked to, bound up with
ceann [kyann] head, one, roof, end: ceann cipn = numskull, bone-head, blockhead: a cheann cipn ! = (you) numskull !: mo cheann = my head: ceann amhin = one: dh cheann = two: an ceann sin = that one: punt an ceann = one pound each: faoi cheann = at the end of, after: go ceann = for (a space of time): ceann tre [cyann cheer-eh] =headland: tinneas cinn = headache
canna same: mar an gcanna = the same (way)
ceannacht (ceannaigh) buy
ceannach I buy
ceannadhairt pillow
ceannaire (a) leader
ceannaithe face, features
ceanncheathr headquarters
CeannLuibhne KeyCaps
ceantar district, area
ceanil ar fond of
ceap (ceapadh) think
ceapach plot (of land), flowerbed
ceapaim I think: ceapann s = she thinks: ceapann s = he thinks: ceapann siad = they think
ceapaire sandwich: ceapair = sandwiches
ceapg small plot (of land), flower-bed
ceaptha susposed to
cearc [kyarc] hen
Card what: card fin = what is it?: Card a deir t? [kay-erd ah der thu] =What (did you say): Card at uait? [kay-erd a-tah ooth] =What do you want?
Ceardchumann (trade ) Union
cards what sort of?
cearr wrong
ceart(a) correct/right(s): cert a bhaint = to manage, find satifactory: a gcearta = their rights: cearta mhuintir na Gaeilge = the rights of the Gaelic-speaking community: cearta aistrichin = translation rights: cearta daonna = human rights: cearta foilsithe = publishing rights: cearta na mban = women's rights
certa forge
ceas heavy feeling after meal
catadn percentage
ceathach [kyah-uckh] showery
Ceartchreidmheach Orthodox <Russian Orthodox>
cearthair four: a ceathair [a keh-at] =four
ceathair dag [kehar-jayg] fourteen
ceathrar four people
cearthr quarter, fourth, thigh
cibh pier, quay
ceil conceal
cile spouse: a cile = each other: le chile = together: chile = asunder: as a chile = in a row, consecutively: mar a chile = alike, same: scartha na chile = separated from each other
Cil [kay-lee] Irish dance
ceilim I conceal
ceim steep, degree, style
cim dhiltach negative step, backward step
ceimic [cemic] chemistry
ceimiceach chemical
cimseata [came-shuh-tah] geometry
cir wax
ceird trade, skill
ceirnn [ker-nyeen] record
ceist(eanna) [kesht] question(s): i gceist = in question, under consideration: an cheist is prinn = the most urgent question: gceisti = being questioned
ceithre four (objects): ceithre fichid duine = eighty people
Cn which: Cn it? [kane aawt] =Which place?: Cn aois th? [kane ee-sh hu] =How old are you?: Cn chaoi? [kane qwee] =Which way?: Cn danamh ? = What make is it?: cn fth = why: Cn fear ? [kane far eh] =Which man is it?: Cn t-am ? [kane tom eh] =What time is it?: cn uair? = when?
ceo fog
ceol [kyole] sing, music
ceolchoirm [kyole-khirm] concert
ceoltir musician
ceomhar [kyo-wur] foggy
crb as duit? where are you from?
Crbh sin? [kerb eh shin] Who was that?
Crb iad? [kerb eed] Who are they?: chineadh = being criticized,: censured =
chaith s amach he regurgitated his food
chaitheamh cast: vta a chaitheamh = to cast a vote
chas x ar y x met y
chad first: an chad duine eile! = next!: den chad uair = for the first time
cheal for lack of
cheana previously, already: an l cheana = the other day: cheana fin = already
cheap s she thought
cheithre four
chim I see
chistin [chishtin] kitchen
choche ever, always
choichn never
choinnigh keep: c choinnigh ? = who kept <question>: a choinnigh = who kept <statement>: a choinneil = to keep
chomh as: chomh fada siar le 1876 = as far back as 1876: Chomh luath agus is fidir. = As soon as possible.: chomh ... le = as .. as <as good as, as rich as, etc.>: chomh maith le = as well as: chomh sciobtha le = as fast as: chomh gasta is a dhein = as fast as it did <'gasta'='sciobtha'>: ar chomhchim = equal: chomh fada le Y = as long as Y
chonac I saw
chonaic s she thought
chonlan fhin own accord,own: initiative =
a chosc to prevent, forbid
a chosaint (to) defend: a gcearta a chosaint = to defend their rights
chraolann broadcast: chraoladh = being broadcast: beidh X chraoladh = X will be being broadcast
a chreideann sin who believe that, who hold that: view =
a chruth to create
chuaigh s she went
chuas I went
chuala I heard
chig five
chuir put (past tense): chuir ar aghaidh chuig an = (to happen at the)
chis reason
chun to, towards: chun cuidi le = to help, assist: chun dileil le = to deal with: chun tosaigh (ar Y) = ahead (of Y)
chns while
ciall sense
ciallmhar sensible, wise: bodh ciall agat! = have sense! be: reasonable! =
cian: chianaibh a while ago, just now
Cianrial Remote Control
carg [keer-ohg] beetle
Ciarra, Chiarra Kerry: Co. Chiarra = Co. Kerry
ciarsr [keer-soor] hankerchief
cib ar bith c whoever, whatever
cigire [kig-irre] inspector
cill churchyard
Cill Airne Killarney
Cill Chainnigh Kilkenny
cine race
cinel kind, sort, sort of, somewhat
cinoch racist
cinn decide
cinneadh decision
cinnte surely, indeed, certainly
coch breast: nor baineadh den choch fs = he hasn't been weaned yet (from breast)
cochbheart bra
cion affection: goil i gcion ar = impressing, effecting
cionn over, above: os coinn = above, over: thar cionn = excellent
cor comb, ridge
cos(anna) rent(s): t igeil ar cos = hiring
ciotach gauche, awkard
ciotal awkardness
cioth shower
cisen basket
cisocht funding
cste [kish-cheh] cake
cisteanach kitchen
citeal [kittil] kettle
Cinas [que-nas] Silence!
ciin quiet
ciineadas quietness, slience
ciini (ciinigh) quieten
ciumhais blanket
clabhaitn, clidn, faicn, naipcn diaper: clabhaitn salach = soiled diaper
cli fence, stonewall
clais forrow, drain
clirseach harp
clamhsn grumbling, complaining
clampar commotion, quarrel: mar bharr ar an gclampar = to make matters worse
clann children, family
claochluithe mutations
clr [klawr] programme (on radio or tv)
clr agenda (for meeting)
clr board, table
clir programmes: An Clr = Clare (placename): clr tellifse = TV program: clr dubh = balckboard
cleacht (cleachtadh) be accustomed to,practice
cleas trick
cleasa trickster
cl left: ar cl = to the left
cliabh pannier, basket
cliathnach sideways
cliste clever
clistocht cleverness
cli fame, renown
cloch a stone
clog clock/bell: a chlog = o'clock: uair an chlog = an hour: Clog Alraim = Alarm Clock
cloigeann head
clois (cloisreil) hear
cloisim I hear: cloiseann t = you hear <singular>: cloiseann sibh = you hear <plural>: an gcloiseann t = do your hear: gur cloiseadh = was heard
cls yard
clscrobha typist
cluais ear
clusnach fathead
cldach cover
cluife [klih-heh] game
cluich games
cluthar cosy, comfortable
cnag ball <(hard) ball>
cnimh bone
cnaipe button
cnaip buttons: cnaip le br = buttons to press
cneasta honest
cnoc [cnuck] hill
ccaireacht cooking
codail (codladh) sleep: a chodladh = asleep, to sleep: codladh smh = a sound sleep: codladh go smh = to sleep soundly
codlaim I sleep
cfra cupboard
cogadh [cug-uh] war: priosinigh cogaigh = Prisioners of war: cogadh aicmeach = class war: cogadh dearg = bloody war
cogar whisper: cogar! = hey, tell me, say
cogarnal whispering
cognam I chew
coics fortnight
coileach cock
coilneachas colonisation
coill [qwill] wood, forest
coimhlint conflict <=`competition'>
coimhlinte race, competition
coimplacs complex: coimplacs lrnach = central complex
coinn [cun-yeen] rabbit
coinne appointment
coinneal candle
coinnel (coinnigh) keep, hold
coinne expectation: im choinibh = towards me
coinnoll condition
Coinscrobh Conscription
cir right, just, fair,: generous =
coirce oats
cirigh (ciri) arrange, make a bed
coirnal corner
cois beside: cois na farraige = (tat) the seaside: lem chois = along with me: cois Feoire = by the banks of the river Feoir
cois foot, leg, shaft
coiscn contraceptives
coisin (coisint) cost, defend
coiste (coitianta) committee
colainn body
coliste college: Coliste na Tronide = Trinity College
col ceathar first cousin
colscaradh divorce
comin proceed: do choman s leis = he went along, he proceeded
comhaimseartha contemporary <=`up to date'in above text>
comhair count: os comhair = in front of: a thabhairt os comhair = to bring before: os comhair na Dla = before the Dil <parliament of: ire> =
comhaireamh counting
comhairle advice: cur comhaiarle ar = advising: seirbhs chomhairleach = advisory service
comhairleachan (comhairligh) asvise
comhairleoir() advisor(s)
comhalta fellow, member <also 'foster-brother,-sister'>
comhaontas alliance
chmhaont sochana. peace agreement: an chomhalartaith seo = this mutual exchange
comhar co-operation
comharchumann co-operative society
Cmhargadh Common Market
comharsa neighbor
comhdhil conference
Comhdhomhairle Versailles Conference of Versailles
Comhdhil Vn the Conference, Congress, of: Vienna =
comhghuailleacht alliance
comhghuaillocht leathanbhunaithe broad alliance.
comhghuaillithe allies
comhlacht business (company): comhlachta rialtais = government bodies
Comhlathas Sivadach Soviet Union
comhldar company, household,: family = : an Comhphobal Eorpach = the European Community
comhoibri coopperation
comhr conversation
comhrialtas coalition government
comhthacs context: i gcomhthacs X = in the context of X
comhthuiscint idir an understanding between
comhuaineach simultaneous
comrtas competition, comparison: i gcomrtas le (mar) = in comparison with: comratas itiil = a local competition: comrtais itila = local competitions
compirt comfort, ease: ar mo chompirt = at my ease
compirteach comfortable
comrda comrade, pal
cna (cnaigh) reside, dwell: i gcna = always: i mo ... chna = residing, standing: idle =
conas How: Conas a darf...? [kunas ah der-faw] =How do you say...?: Conas t t? [konnas tah tuh] =How are you?
congarach near adjacent
conra coffin
conradh (a) contract: conartha = contracts <plural>: Conradh Neodrachta na hireann, = Irish Neutrality League: Conradh Vrs, = Warsaw Treaty: an Conradh Ceilteach = the Celtic League
conraitheoir contractor
conraitheoir tgla a building contractor (a: builder) =
conspide controversy
contae [cun-day] county
Contae an Chlir County Clare
Contae tha Cliath County Dublin
Contae Mhaigh Eo County Mayo
Contae an Chorca Co.Cork
Contae Dhn na nGall County Donegal
Contae Thr Chonaill County Donegal <both Irish names equally valid>
contrilte wrong
contirt danger
contirteach dangerous
cor stir, movement, twist, situation: ar chor ar bith = at all
cras (a, the) system: an CAE (an Cras Airgeadaochta Eorpach) = the European Monetary: System = : cras riarachin = system of: administration = : an cors Cumannach = the Communist system
Cras Iompair Cl/OD Font/DA Mover
corc cork, plug
Corcaigh, Chorcaigh Cork: iarthar Chorca = West Cork
Corcioch person from Cork
corn phopa [curn fee-pah] hornpipe
corin crown 5 shillings
corp body, corpse
corr occasional, odd
corra (corraigh) stir, move
corrfhocal Barla an odd (here and there) word of English
corrthoghchn by election
cos foot/leg: cosa = plural: cos-nochtaithe = barefoot
Cosn [koo-sawn] a path
cosc prohibition: an cosc = the ban: Cosc ar phircceil [koosk ahr fark-all] =No parking: cosc a chur ar smaointe = to suppress thoughts
cosmaid cosmetics
cosmhuintir ordinary people (neg.)
cosnaonn it costs
csta coast: csta thiar = west coast: csta thoir = east coast
costas cost: costas a ghlanadh = to clear the cost: costa(i)s tgla = building cost(s)
costasach expensive
cosil like, alike
coslacht appearance, resemblance
cta [coh-tah] coat: cta mr [coh-tah more] =overcoat: r gcta [orr go-thee] =Our coats.
cothaigh cultivate
cothrom level, equal
ag coth feeding: t s ag coth an naonin = she is feeding the child
cr (crigh) torment, annoy
craic fun, a laugh, a chat
craiceann skin: craiceann caorach = sheepskin
crin sow
craith (craitheadh) shake, upset: craitheadh limh le = shaking hands with
crann tree
crainn trees: na gcrann = of the trees
crannchur lottery
craobh [crave] (a) branch <of a tree
craobhacha branches: craobh na Breataine = the British branch: craobh na hireann = the Irish branch: craobh na hAlban = the Scottish branch: craobh na Breataine Bige = the Welsh branch: craobh Mhanann = the Manx branch
craoladh [creel-ah] broadcast
craoltir (a) broadcaster
craorach blood-red
cr clay: cr na cille = the clay of the: churchyard =
creath (creathadh) shake, tremble
cratr poor thing, poor: fellow =
crediint credit
creid believe
creideann X X believe(s)
creidim I believe
creideamh faith, religion
croch finish, end: i gcrch = to completion
crocha tuaisceartacha northern lands
crochnaigh (crochn) finish
cronna old
cr byre, outhouse
croch (crochadh) hang, go up, lift
crochaim I hang
crchbhu saffron yellow
crdhearg blood-red
crochta set of sails, aloft
cro heart: a chro ! = [dear] heart! <often said when `making: up'> =
crois belt
crom (cromadh) stoop, bend (a limb)
crn dark yellow
crnbhu dark yellow, coppery
crndearg dark red
crua hard, difficult
cruach a rock, stack of turf
cruaidh hard
crulacht cruelty
crulacht d'ainmhithe cruelty to animals
crb a hoof
Crubin pig trotter
crim I milk
cruinnel gathering, collection
cruinnigh gather,collect
cruinni meeting: cruinni mullaigh = summit meeting
cruithneacht wheat
crugach busy
crsca [crew-scah] pitcher
cruthaitheach creative
cscanradh fear, fright
c [coo] hound
cuach cockoo
cuairt (a) visit: ar cuairt = visiting: cuairt ar Leningrad = a visit to Leningrad: an dara cuairt aige = his second visit
cuan [coo-un] bay, harbor, inlet: an cuan = the bay
cuan mara sea urchin
cuart (cuartaigh) search
cuas (a) cove, creek, inlet
Cba Cuba
Cubhaigh Cuban
Cchulainn Irish Hero
cu suitable
cuid sharportion: cuid mhr = a lot: mo chuid airgid = my (share of) money: cuid de = part of: mar chuid de = as part of: d gcuid fin = of their own
cuidigh (cuidi) help
cig five: a cig [a koo-ig] =(number) five
cig dag [koo-ig-jayg] fifteen
cigear five people
cigi fifth
cige [coo-ig-eh] province
cig l five days
Cil an T back of the house
cuileog fly
Cuilin point
cuimhne memory, remembrance: is cuimhim liom = I remember: cuimhin = memory, remembrance
cuimhnigh (cuimhni) recollect, think: cuimhni air fin = conidering one's: position = : go cuimisitheach = comprehensively
cinne (internal) corner, nook
cuosach fairly, moderate
cuir put, sow, bury: ag cur = putting - raining: cuirim = I put
cuireadh invitation
cuirfidh s it (he) will put: go gcuirfidh s = that it will put
cuirfear x x will be put: cuirfear bim ar = emphasis will be placed on: cuirfear x ar y = x will be placed on y
cirt court: cirt scuaise = squash court
cuirtn() curtin(s)
cuis(anna) reason(s), cause, case: cis bhuartha = cause for concern: danann s cuis = it is sufficient
cuislimara customer
cl back: ar chla = behind
culaith a suit (of clothes): culaith adaigh [cull-ee ay-dee] =suit
Clrideoir Backgrounder
cultr culture: ar chultr = on culture
cum (cumadh) compose, make up
cuma appearance: as cuma = out of shape: is cuma = it doesn't matter: is cuma liom = I don't care
cumann society, association
Cumannach Communist
Cumannaigh Communists
cumasach superb, extremely capable
cumha loneliness, homesickness
cnamh help: le cnamh D = with God's help
cng narrow
cuntas account
cuntasoir accountant
cntir assistant: cntir leabharlainne = library assistant
cupn [cup-awn] cup
cupla a couple, twins, a few: cupla ceann n tr = two or three
cur I put: cur sos citeal = putting on a kettle: cur i bhfeidhm = put into opperation, make work: cur chun cinn = advancement: cur as seilbh = eviction: cur as do = upsetting: cur sos = description
cr foam, froth, skum
curach curragh, coracle
cram responsibility, care,: task =
cramach careful
crsa course
crsa matters, concerns: crsa reatha = current affairs: crsa oilina = training courses
Custaim [cust-ahm] Customs: na Custaim = the Customs <as in border>
cthal shy
d two: an d = the two
d if
d to his, etc.: d gcuid fin = of their own: d bharr sin = because of that
dabht doubt
daichead [dockh-ad] forty
dil [drawl] parliament: Dil ireann = the Irish Parliament: Dil Westminster = the Westminster: Parliament = : Dil na Breataine = the British Parliament
dailtn brat: An Daingean = Dingle
daingean in adan steadfastly opposed to
daingean firm
dair oak tree
dall blind
damanta damned
damhsa dance: ag damhsa = dancing
dna bold: i ndn do = in store for
dnlann art gallery
daoine people: duine = person: daoine fasta = adults: do dhaoine fasta = to adults: daoine a thuigeann = people who understand: daoine ga = young people
daonra population
daor dear
dar Dia! by God
dar le according to
dara second (number two)
dath [daw-hanna] Color: a dhath = nothing: ar aon dath = the one color
de [deh] from, of, off
de(-) good: dea-thoil = goodwill
deacair difficult: nios deacra = more difficult: na deacrachta a aithint = to identify the: difficulties = : na deacrachta a riteach = to resolve the: difficulties =
deacracht difficulty
dag -teen
deaide daddy
dealbh appearance, shape
dan do, make: dan lochinn = do a wee wee: ag danamh = doing: danamh ar = making for: danamh amach = making out, reckoning
danach late
dants manufacture
deara: tugaim faoi deara I Notice
Dardaoin, Dhardaoin Thursday
dearfa positive
dearg [dyarg] Red (but not hair, fur), redden, light (pipe, fire)
dearmad without doubt, mistake: danamh dearmad = forgetting
dearmhadaim i forget
dearthir brother
deas [dyeas] nice, pretty
deas right (side)
dea-scal(a) good news
deatach smoke
de dheasca because of
de dheasca na moille because of the delay
deich ten: a deich [a jeh] =(number) ten
deichi tenth
deichnir ten people: deichnir de na h-ireannaigh = Ten Irish people
deich l ten days
deifir hurry, haste
deilbh wrap (in weaving)
deimhin certain: go deimhin [guh jev-in] =certainly, indeed
deinim i do
dine an tsaoil the harshness of life
deir say: deir Hilary Tovey = says Hilary Tovey: deir na nuachtin = the newspapers say
deireann <sometimes used instead of 'deir'> X say(s)
dirc alms
deireadh end: f dheireadh thiar thall = at long last, finally: deireadh seachtaine = weekend: chun deiridh = backwards: faoi dheireadh = at last: sa deireadh = in the end/at last: deireadh na bliana = the end of the year
Deireadh Fmhair October
deireanach last, late, final: le deireanas = lately, recently
deirgeacht redness
deirim i say: (nos) deirn = (more) later
deis opportunity, apparatus
deisithe mended
deo: go deo for ever
deoch [jukh] a drink
deonach voluntary
deontas (a) grant <monetary assistance>: ar thir deontais = in search of a grant
de rir according to
dh if
dh tof him/her
dh of all those that
dh two: a d = (number)two: dh bhliain = two years: dh lasta = two loads: dh oiread = twice the size: dh fhichead = forty
dhirre in earnest, seriously
dhar tof us
dhrag twelve people: dh mhle dheg = twelve miles
dheas: dheas southwards, in/from the: south =
dhein did, made: ar dheis = to the right
Dia, Dhia God: Dia duit [dea dit or] =dea gwit: Dia is Muire duit [dea is mura dit] =Reply to above
(or raising the ante!): [] =(or raising the ante!): Buochas le Dia = Thank God
diabhal [yeaw-il] devil
diagacht divinity
diaidh after: i ndiaidh = (have)
dialann diary
dcheall one's best effort
dchoimisin decomisioning
dideana refugee
dfhostaithe unemployed
difrocht difference
dlis faithful, dear, loyal: dlis don chreideamh = loyal to the faith, to their religion
dinnar [jin-air] dinner
dobhil harm, damage
dol sell, sale <of>
dolaim I sell: ag diomailt = squandering
dospireacht debate, discussion: an dospireacht = the debate, the: discussion =
diothu distruction
dreach straight, direct,: honest = : go dreach = exactly, indeed, just,: directly =
dthreabh wilderness, uninhabited land
diil suck: t s ag dil an bhainne = he is sucking the milk
diltam I refuse
dhiltaigh Albert Reynolds Albert Reynolds refused
dl [jlee] law: an dl = the law: thaobh dl = from the legal standpoint, in law
dlodir lawyer, solicitor, legal: person =
dlthbhaint close relationship <between things, NOT: people> =
do [duh] Your
d two: ceann n dh = one or two: faoi dh = twice
d [doe] tfor: dom = to me: duit = to you: d = to him/it: di = to her/it: dinn = to us: daoibh = to you: dibh = to them
dcha probable: is dcha = it is likely
dochar harm
dchas hope
docht firm
dochtr doctor
dodhanta impossible to do
doicheallach inhospitable
digh burn
digh likely, probable: is digh liom = I think it likely: is digh le = it seems likely (to),: suppose = : ar ndigh = of course, needless to: say = : is digh liom go = it is my opinion that, I think that: n digh liom go = I do not think that, I do not: believe =
doimhine depth
doimhnis depth
doirt (doirtim) approach, draw near
doisinne dozen
domhain deep
domhan world
Domhnaigh, Dhomhnaigh Sunday
dona bad
donacht badness, illness
Donn [down] Brown: sile donna = brown eyes, hazel eyes
donnbhu yellowish brown
donndearg reddish brown
donnfhionn light brown
donnrua russet
doras door
dorcha [durr-ka] dark
dorchadas darkness
dorn fist
dor, doruithe, line
dosaen [duz-ayn] dozen
dthain enough, sufficiency: mo dhthain = my fill, as much as I want
dothigthe impossible to rear
draocht [dree-uckht] magic
drama drama
dramhal waste <as in garbage,: refuse> =
dream crowd, party, group
dream amhin one group
drimire ladder
dreoiln [droll-een] wren
driofr sister
driosr dresser
droch- bad: drochnsmhaireacht = bad practice: drochscal(a) = bad news: ndroch-chao = bad way
drogall reluctance
droichead bridge: droichead dola = toll-bridge
droim back
druncaera drunk
dt [dee] since
dts: ar dts at first
duais(eanna) prize(s)
dun, hood
duart I said
dubh [duv] Black
dubhaigh blacken
duchais native
dchan blackening, potato: blight =
dchas birthright,heritage<here,more like: 'nature'> =
dghlas dark green
dghorm dark blue
dil desire
din close, shut
duine person: an duine th (a) = are you a person (who)
duine a mhasl to insult a person
duine deaslmhach someone good at working with their hands
duine deisbhalach a good conversationalist, someone good with: words =
duine goillinach a sensitive person, one easily hurt,: offended = : aon duine = anyone: gach aon duine = everyone: a d'fheil dinn = which suited us, suited us: fine =
dirt said: dirt Carol Fox = Carol Fox said: dirt s = she said: dirt s = he said
diseacht state of being awake, to awaken: i mo dhoseacht = awake: i do dhiseacht = awake <you awake>: ina dhiseacht = him awake: ina diseacht = her awake: inr ndiseacht = us awake <"in our waking">: ina ndiseacht = them awake <"in their waking, wakefulness">
disigh wake, awaken
dul [dull] go: ag dul = going: dul chun cinn = progress
dumhach sandhill, dune
dn close: ag dnadh = closing: dnta = closed
dnaim I shut
dusta dust
he, it, him
ea it
achtach wonderful: Gnotha Eactracha = of Foreign Affairs
eachtra incident
eacnamaocht economy
Eacuadr Ecuador
ad jealousy
adach cloth, clothes: culaith adaigh = a suit of clothes
ada clothes
adan face, forehead
adrom light
eagal I fear
eagla fear: ar eagla go = for fear that
eaglais [og-lish] church: na hEaglaise = of the Church: teagasc na hEaglaise = the teaching of the Church
eaglais churches: na heaglais eile = the other churches, other denominations
eagmais without
eala [all-ah] swan
ealan [al-een] art
an bird: An t-an [un tayun] =the bird
Eanir January: m Eanir = the first of January
eangach net
eangach monafhilimadach monofilimate net
earcach recruit <new recruit>
earcam I recruit
earcaocht recruiting, recruitment
earrach [are-uckh] spring: An t-earrach = the spring
earra goods <in shops>: earra nochin = washing aids, cleansing: products =
eas [ass] waterfall
easaontas disagreement (disunity)
asca easy, quick: nos asca = easier, less difficult
ascaocht easiness, quickness
easpa lack, want <lack of something>: easpa tuisceana = lack of understanding, feeling: easpa misnigh = lack of courage
Easpag [ass-pug] Bishop
Easpag Cnta Assistant Bishop, Associate: Bishop =
eatarthu amongst
eicnt some
igean necessity: b'igean dom = i had to: ar igin = hardly
igeantach compulsory
igin some: ar igin = barely, almost: duine igin = some-one
eile (an)other: pionta eile = another point
ileamh (a) demand: ilm = I demand: ilon siad = they demand: ilmid = we demand: ilms = let us demand: a ileamh = to claim, to demand
ind: in ind (le) along (with), together,: suddenly =
eineacht: i n-ineacht le together with
inne anyone
inn anything
ire (irinn) [aair-uh] Ireland
ireann Ireland's, of Ireland
ireannach Irish person
ireom as ! let's put an end to it!
ir [eye-ree] rise: ir as = ceasing, stop, give up: ir le = succeeding: ag ir = rising: ag ir ina beanna = rising up into peaks: ag iri = rising up: ag ir anos = rising up from below
irigh give up, rise, become: irigh as ! = give it up! give over!
irm i rise: ironn liom = i succeed
is after: thar is = after: thar is dhom = after I had: thar is gnach = notwithstanding: tar is d ir as = after his resignation, on going into retirement
eiseamlir example
eisean he, him
eisimircigh emigrants: b'fhearr d'eisimircigh = it would be better for emigrants (to)
ist listen, keep quiet, not: interfere =
isteacht i listen: ag eitilt = flying
eitigh (eiteachtil) refuse
eitlen [etch-ill-awn] airplane
eitlein planes
eitice ethics
eochair key
eolaocht science: Eolaocht Pholaitiil = Political Science
eolaithe experts
eolas knowledge: ar an eolas = informed: X a chur ar an eolas = to inform X, to let X know: na heolaochta = of science: seirbhs eolais = information services
eorna barley
Eorpach European: an Eoraip = Europe: na hEorpa = of Europe
r Amach na Csca [eyeree a-mock na kauska] Easter Rising
fabhar favour
fad length: ar fad = entirley, altogether: i bhfad = far, for a long time: ar fhad = in length: fad is at = as long as (timespan): aidhm fhadtarmach = long-term aim
fada [foda] long: le fada = for a long time, this long time: le fada an l = for many's the day
fadbhreathnaoch farseeing
fadhb(anna) problem(s): na fadhbanna a riteach = to solve the problems
fad [fod-oh] long ago
fg (fgil) leave
fgaim i leave: fgaint = I leave
faid length (time or distance)
faigh (fil) get, find: ag fil = getting: le fil = to be got: fil amach = finding out
faighim i get
fil ridh be finished with
faill cliff
failloch neglectful
Filte [fwal-tche] welcome
filtonn X roimh X welcomes
fainic warning, beware of!
fainne ring
faire shame: faire = watching, guarding, minding it <feminine: object> =
fairsing wide, extensive, plentiful, spacious
faisean fashion, habit
faiseanta fashionable
faitos fear, timidity
fl (falach) hedge, hide: i bhfalach = in hiding, hidden
falamh empty
falla wall
falsir lazybones
fan wait, stay, remain: ag fanacht = waiting: fan bomaite = wait a minute: fanacht = wait, stay: fanacht amach = stay clear of, away: from = : fanacht glan amach = stay well clear of, well away: from =
fna: le fna sloping
fnach pointless, aimless
fanaim I wait
faoi by, before, under, about: faoi rir = ready: faoi cheannas = under the leadership (of): faoi scth = under the auspices of, shadow of: faoi smacht = under control: faoi rn = confidential: faoi bhun y = under y
faoilen [fwee-lawn] seagull
faoin tuath in the countryside
faoitn, whiting
faoraor alas, unfortunately
farc fork
farraige [fahr-ig-uh] sea
fs [faws] grow
fasc ioda (of sense)
fascadh shelter
fata potato: cur fhata = sowing potatoes
fth cause, reason: cad fth = why: cen fth = for what reason
f under: f ndear = caused: tabhairt f ndeara = to notice
feabhas goodness, excellence, improvement: feabhas mr = a big improvement: a fheabhs = to improve: chun feabhais = improving
Feabhra [Fheabhra] Febuary
feabhsaigh (feabhs) improve
fachaim I look
feachtas campaign: ar fheachtas ar bith = (because of) any campaign
fad (fadachtil) can
feadal whistling
fadaim I can
feadar: n fheadar I do not know
feadh during, throughout: ar feadh = for the duration of
feall treachery, foul deed
fear [far] man: fear an t = man of the house: fear psta = (a) married man <no aspiration :: masc.nominative.> = : beirt fear = two men
far grass
fearann land, ground, territory: baile f., townland: baile fearainn = townland
fearg anger
fearr better, best: is fearr liom = I perfer: b'fhearr liom = I would perfer
fasg beard
feasta in the future,from now on
feic (feiceil) see: feicfidh t = will see
feicim i see: le feiceil = to be seen
feidhm use, function
fidir possible, can: b'fhidir [bay-jirr] =maybe, perhaps (lit."It would be possible"): is fidir liom = I can
feidhmeannach agent,executive
feil (feiliint) suit, be appropriate
file festival
filire calendar
feilinach suitable, appropriate
feilm farm
feilmara farmer
feilmaracht farming
fin self, own, even: mo chta fin = my own coat: m fin = myself: sinn fin = ourselves alone
finilacht selfhood, separate: identitiy =
finmhuinn self-confidence
finphlisir masturbation
finrial self-government
Feirimeoiri Farmers
firn beag breise miniWRITER
feirm(eacha) farm(s): feirmeacha beaga = small farms
feirmeoir() farmer(s)
feirmeoireacht farming
Feiste Dhiseachta Startup Device
fith sinew, muscle, vein <here means 'talent,gift'>: fith an cheoil = musical talent: fith na filochta = talent for poetry: fith an ghrinn = a sense of humour
f lthair at present, currently
feochta whithered
feoil [fyole] meat: na feola = of meat
fiacail tooth
fiacla teeth
fiaclir dentist
fiafra (fiafraigh) ask
fiafram I ask
fiin wild, fierce
Fianna Fil political party
fiche [fih-ah] twenty: feichead = score (twenty)
fiche bliain twenty years
fil poet, songmaster
filocht poetry
fill (filleadh) return, fold
fimnteacht hypocrisy
Finder Finder
Fine Gael political party
fogach dog-fish
fon [fee-un] wine
Fionlainn Finland: an Fhionlainn = Finland
fionnrua sandy (colour of hair, etc.)
fionnuar [fin-oor] cool
for [feer] true: for-uisce = springwater
fios knowledge: cur fios ar = sending for: t a fhios agam = know: a fhios = "its knowledge
fiosruithe [fees-ruh-e] Inquiries
fir Men: fir ag obair [fir egg ober] =Men at work: na fir seo = these men
frinne truth: beagn den fhrinne = some truth, a little of the truth
fisic [fisic] physics
Fstaifeadn Video Cassete Recorder
fstip videotape
fi worth: is fi = it seems wothwile
fiuchadh boiling
flaitheas sovereignty
flaithis heaven
flaithiil generous
flannbhu orange-colour
flannrua blood-red
fle party
fliuch (fliuchadh [fluckh] wet
fobhrste underpants
focal word
fchupn [fo-cup-awn] saucer
fd sod
foghail stealing,trespassing
foghlaim learn
foghlaimm I learn
foghlaimeoir() learner(s)
foghna petticoat
Fgra [foe-grah] Notice
fgra() fostaochta employment notice(s), job: advert(s) = : ag fgairt = announcing
fgrams let's announce, let's: declare =
fgraodh X X was announced
foighdeach patient
foighne (foighid) patience fill: go fill = for a while, yet
foilsigh (foilsi) publish
foilstear X X are (is) published
foilsitheoir() publisher(s)
foinse (a) source
foireann crew, team, staff, set
foirgneamh building (place, not work)
foirgnimh buildings
foirgnimh rsa ancient buildings folir: n folir do = it is obligatory for: n folir dom = I must
folamh empty
follin healthy
fmhar [foe-war] autumn
fomhuiren (a) submarine
fomhuirein niclacha nuclear submarines
fn telephone
fonn desire: go fill = yet, still
Forsach progressive
forc fork
forleathan widespread
frsa forces: frsa lidre = strong forces
fosta as well, also
fostaocht employment
fostaithe employed
Frainc [Fhrainc] France
Fraincis French: an Fhraincis, = French
frma frame
francach [frong-cuckh] rat
Francach French woman
fraoch fury
fr another way way of saying tr
freagair (freagairt) answer
Freagrir Responder
freagra (an) answer
freagarthacht answerable
freisin [fre-shin] also
friofac barb (as of fishing hook)
fuacht a cold
fuadar haste
fuagair (fuagairt) call out, announce
fuaigh (fuil) sew
Fuaim Sound
fuar [foo-ur] cold fud: ar fud = throughout: ar fud na hEorpa = all over Europe
fuil blood: cur fola = bleeding
fuil: n fuil is not: An bhfuilimid [on willmeed] =Are we?: An bhfuil m [on will may] =Am I?: An bhfuil s [on will shee] =is he?: An bhfuil s [on will shay] =is she?: An bhfuil siad [on will shed] =Are they?: An bhfuil sibh [on will sheev] =Are you (plural)?: An bhfuil t [on will too] =are you?: go bhfuil = that there is (fuil is a form of: t
go is a subordinating conjunction that causes bh- before -f): [] =go is a subordinating conjunction that causes bh- before -f): go bhfuiltear = it is
fuilim i am
fuinneog window
fuisc whiskey
fulaingt suffering: fhulaingt ag X = being suffered by X
furasta easy
g need, necessity: t g le X = X is needed: in am an ghtair = in time of need
gabiste cabbage
gabh go
gabha blacksmith
gabhil catch
gabhaim i take, i go: gabhaim pardn agat = I apologise (to: you)<singular> = : gabhaim pardn agaibh = I apologise (to you) <plural>
gabhltas a holding (of land, etc.)
gabhar [gow-er] goat
Gabh mo leithscal [gav moh leh-shh-kale)] Excuse me (sorry)
gach every: gach uile = every
gada thief
gadhar dog
Gaeilge, Ghaeilge Irish
Gaeilgeoir() Gaelic speaker(s)
Gaeilgeoireacht Irish speaking area
Gaeltacht, [Ghaeltacht] Irish speaking area: breac-Ghaeltacht = <hard to translate> area(s) on edge of Gaeltacht
Gaillimh Galway: na Gaillimhe = of Galway
gaineamh sand
gaineamhlach desert
gainne scale (of fish)
gairdn [gardyeen] garden
gire <also "gir"> [gaw-ray] laugh, laughter
ag gire laughing
gairfean rough land or weather
gir laughing
gairid short: le gairid = recently: go gairid = shortly
gaisce feat, boast: danamh gaisce = boasting
galaoireach soap
galar disease, sickness
gall anglified person, foreigner
Galltacht, [Galltachta] English speaking area
galn gallon
gamhain calf
gan without: gan chis fhnta = without due cause, reason,: justification =
gann scarce
gaofar [gwee-fur] windy
gaol relation: gaol gairid = close relationship <between people>: t gaol agam le = I am related to
gaoth wind
gar near: gar d fin = selfish
Garchabhair Dhiosca Disk First Aid
Garda [gard-ah] Policeman/Guard
garra field, garden
garsn boy
gas stem, stalk: gais = stems, stalks
gasr child
gasta quick: go gasta = guickly
gceart: ceart right, correct: i gceart = rightly
g goose
geadn a patch of land
geal [gyal] bright, white: go geal = brilliantly
gealach moon
geall pledge, wager, bet: geall le = almost: mar gheall ar = concerning, because of: i ngeall ar = because of: n i ngeall ar = not because of
gealladh promising
geansa [gan-zee] sweater, jumper,jersey
gar sharp, sour: ngarcim = crisis, emergency: garcoimhlinte = sour competition
gearn complaint
gearnaim i complain
geard yard
Gearmin, [Ghearmin] Germany
Gearmnais German language
Ghearminis German: an Ghearmin = Germany: na Gearmine = of Germany
Gearmnach, [Ghearmnacha] German: uile ghearmnach = all german
gearr short: is gearr = go soon: is gearr gnach = it wil be a short time until
gearr cut: gearraim = I cut: gearradh = cutting
gearrscal short story
Gearrthg Scrap
geata gate
gill yield, submit: Gill sl [gael-shlee] =Yield right of way/give: way = : ag gilleadh = yielding, giving in
geilleagair an Iarthair Western economies
geilleagrach pertaining to economy
geimhreadh [gev-rah] winter
geirseach young girl
geobhlach jowl
ghabhlg [ghow-lowg] fork
gheibhim i get
g although, even though
giadh goose
Ginearlta General
ginmhilleadh induced abortion
ginn wedge
giodam sprightly walk
giorracht shortness: ag dul i ngiorracht = getting shorter
giota small portion
Gidach (a) Jew: ghidah = jewish
Gidaigh Jews
giists district justice
glac take, seize, accept
glac closed hand(ful), grasp
glacadir receiver
glacaim I take, I accept
glacdh: go glacdh accepting, assuming
glan [glon] clean: glanadh = cleaning
glanaim I clean
glaoch call: cur glaoch ar = calling up, ringing
glaoim I call
Glas [gloos] Green <gaining ground over 'uaine'>, grey: glas-shileach = blue-eyed, grey-eyed
glasn linnet
glasbhu greenish yellow
glasuaine vivid green
glas lock
glasil lock
glasra [gloss-ree] vegetables
gleann [glyann] valley
gleo noise
glic cute, cunning, cleaver
glinne winding-frame for fishing line
glinnelaim, glinneil I wind (as fishing-line)
glinniint staring
gliogar crock, unstable
gliomach [glum-ukh] lobster
gloine glass
glire glory
gluaiseacht movement
gluaiseacht na mban the women's movement
gluaisten (a) car
gluaistein [gloosh-chawn] cars
glugh call
glin knee, generation
gnaithe business, affairs
gnaoiil decent, generous
gnth usual: de ghnth = usually
gnthach customary
gnomh act, action
gnomhaireacht agency: gnomhaireacht taistil = travel agency: gnomhaireacht fostaochta = employment agency
gnomhaireachta agencies
gn business
Gnotha Eactracha of Foreign Affairs
gnthaigh win, gain: ghnthaigh = won
gnthaichtil winning
go adverb prefix
go up to, till, as far as
go that
gob beak, snout
gobn sraic soother ('dummy')
Go bre fine
Go ceann seachtaine For a week
Go dona bad(ly)
Go dt as far as, towards <place>, until: <time> = : go dt seo = up to this <time>, until: now = : go dt anois = until now <time>
go gcuirfear deireadh le that an end will be put to
go holc badly
goid steal
Goid mar t t [gidjay mar taw thoo] Ulster Irish
goil going: dul chun cinn = progress
goile stomach,appetite, guts
goirdeacht shortness
goirt salty
gol [gull] cry
Go lir all
Go maith [guh moyh] good, well
go mall slowly
Go mbeirimid beo ar an am seo ars! May we live to see out another: year! =
go measartha [guh mss-ar-ha] fair
Go n-ir do bhthar leat go ny-reh doh vohar lat Bon voyage, good luck
gonta concise
Go raibh maith agat [go rave mah agot] Thank you
Gorm [gurum] Blue
gormghlas blue-green
gort cornfield
gor (gortaigh) hurt, injure
gorta famine
gortam I hurt, I injure
go speisialta especially
gr love: a ghr mo chro = love of my heart!: i ngr = in love
grin hatred, detestation
grinne grain
grnna ugly
grsta grace: grsta Dhia air = God rest him
greadadh scorching, warming
greann humor, fun
grasa shoemaker: an Ghrigis. = Greek
greim grip, bite, bit, stitch, hold: greim docht = a firm hold, a firm grip
grian sun
grianmhar [green-war] sunny
gruagach [groo-ug-ukh] hairy goblin
gruaig hair
gruama gloomy
gual coal: ag iompar guail = carrying coal
gualainn shoulder
gudh prayer, wish
gna [goonah] a dress, frock
gna oche [goonah ee-hah] nightdress
gna seomra [goonah shum-rah] dressing gown
gunna gun
gur that was, that would be
(subordinating conjunction go with past or conditional tense marker -r): [] =(subordinating conjunction go with past or conditional tense marker -r)
gurb that was (with -b before vowel): go hirithe = especially
hite the place
Ht Haiti
Hig the Haig
halla hall: halla damhsa [holla dow-sa] =dance hall
hata hat
hbair: hbair do almost
homaighnasach homosexual
i [ee] in
i she, her
iad them
iadsan they
iarnil iron
iarr want, request
iarracht attempt, try: ag iarraidh an chosa = looking for the rent, demanding the rent
iarraidh go, blow: d'iarraidh amhin = in one go
iarraim i ask: a d'iarraidh = asking: ag iarraidh = trying, attempting, endeavouring <to>
iarthar the west, western
iasacht loan: ar iasacht = on loan
iasachta foreign
iasc [eesk] fish
iascach fishing
Iascaireacht [isk-ar-acht] Fishing, being a fisherman
iascaire fisherman
i bhfad far, a long way
i bhfabhar in favour of
i bhfad nos m much more <also means `much: bigger'> =
i bhfus over here
idir between
idirnisinachas internationalism
idirnisinta international
i dtaca le as well as <initial `dt' is pronounced `d')
i gcna always
i gcoinne against: i gcoinne a thola = against his will: i gcoinne a tola = against her will
ilnisinaithe multi-nationals.
ilphairtoch multi party
ilteangach multilingual
im [im] butter
Imeacht [e-macht] Departure(s)
imeachta events
imeall marginalization
imigh go away: imigh leat! = take yourself off: ag imeacht = going away
imm [imeem] I go away: an imirce = emigration
imircigh emigrants, <more commonly used
imirt [im-ert] play (games)
imithe gone
imithe thar gone past
imleacn navel
imn anxiety, worry
im'= i mo in my: a importiltear = is imported
imrm I play
in aghaidh against: in aghaidh a dtola = against their will <'in aghaidh'='i gcoinne'>
in ann able <able to>
ina gcna ann living there
ina measc among them
ina theannta sin as well as that, in addition to that
in adan opposed to
infheistocht n gcoigrch foreign investment
inimirceoir(i) immigrant(s)
inn daughter
in ionad in place of, instead of
inor grazing
inis,inse, ins, island, islet
inite edible
Inn yesterday
inneall machine
innealtir engineer
innis tell relate
inniu [inyuu] today
inseacht telling
insim I tell
institiid institute: Institiid Teangeolaochta ireann = Linguistics Institute of: Ireland = : institiid stit = state institiution: institiid() cultrtha = cultural: institution(s) =
intinn mind, intention: ar intinn = in mind, intending to
in uachtar on top, holding sway
obairt sacrifice: obairt an Aifrinn = the sacrifice of the Mass
oc pay: ocfaidh x = x will pay (pay cost: of) =
ochtar bottom part: in ochtar = underneath Iodil: an Iodil = Italy: na hIodile = of Italy
Iodilis Italian language: an Iodilis = Italian
iomad great quantity, number, excess: an iomad = too much, too many
ioma: is ioma many's the . . .: in iomiocht le X = competing with X
iomarca an excess of, too much
iompaigh turn
iompam i turn: ag iomp ar ais = turning back
iompair carry
iompar carriage, transport: a iompar = to carry: ag iompar = carrying: iompar cloinne = being pregnant
ionad place, space occupied by: ionad ceimiceach = chemical installations
ionadh wonder, surprise
ionam in me, inside me
ionam fin inside myself
ionann same, identical
ionat in you, inside you
ionat fin inside yourself
iondil usual: go hiondil = usually
ionga nail (finger, toe)
Ionramhla OD D/A Handler
iontach very, marvellous: go hiontach = wonderful
iontaobha (a) trustee
iontaobhas a trust <financial>: iontaobhas a chur ar bun = to set up a trust: iontaobhas tithochta = housing trust
iontaofa reliable
iontaoibh trust <personal, between two or more people>
iontas wonder, amazement: danamh iontas = wondering
Ioric Iraq: na Iorici = the Iraqies: Deir an Ioraic = Iraq says
iorras peninsula, headland
Iorua Norway: an Iorua = Norway
Irineacha Iranian
iris magazine
iriseoir journalist
iriseoireacht journalism
is it is
is (agus) and
is to be
Is cuma [iss kumah] It doesn't matter
Is doigh liom [iss dough-ig lom] I think so
is dona liomsa seo I regret this <'this is bad by me'>
ise she, her
seal low: a r s seal = to say it quietly, under one's breath
is fearr best
is for go [iss feer guh] it is true that: an siltr = the Netherlands: na hsiltre = of the Netherlands
slen low ground
Is maith liom a bheith ag taisteal I like travelling
Is maith liom [iss mah lom eh] I like it
ispn [ish-peen] sausage
Isteach [eesh-tawch] In/Entrance, in(wards): istigh go dt an = into
Istigh inside, within
istoche at night
ith (ithe) [e-hey] eat: ag ithe = eating
ithim i eat
Iil July Iir
jab job
jug jug
l [law] day: L 'le Brde = [Saint] Brigid's day: sa l = per day: an chad l = the first day: n gcad l = from the first day: L Domhanda an Bhia = World Food Day
Laethanta na seachtaine Days of the week: na laetheanta seo = these days
laethila daily: nuachtin laethila = daily newspapers
labhair speak
labhraim I speak: ag labhairt = speaking
labhrann X X speak(s)
lch friendly, pleasant
lacha duck: lach ruadh = a sort of duck (mallard?)
lachna dun-coloured, drab
ladhar, laidhre space between fingers or toes
land between converging rivers,: [] =land between converging rivers,
roads, etc.
ladhrg small fork or prong
(of land, etc.)
lag weak
lagachan weakening
laghad fewness, smallness: ar a laghad = at least
lidir strong: frsa lidre = strong forces
limh hand
lir mare
laistigh within inside
lithren site
lampa lamp
ln [lawn] full
langa ling (fish)
lann, lamina blade, scale (fish)
lnin phsta (a) married couple
lr centre (as in dead centre, middle): i lr = in the center of
lrionad centre (as in shopping centre)
lrnach central, soviet
lrnaithe centralised
las light
lasaim I light
lasmuigh outside
lasta (a) load, (a) cargo
lasta cargoes, loads
lthair presence: i lthair = present, in the presence: of = : i lthair na huaire = at the present moment: f lthair = at present: faoi lathair = at the moment, as of now, at this point in time
le [leh] with: dar le = according to: le do thoil = please
leaba bed
leabhar book: leabhair = books
Leabhar Gearrthg ScrapBook
leabharlann library
Leabhar Nta NotePad
leac flat stone, slab
lacht lecture
lachtir (a) lecturer: lachtir le Gaeilge = a lecturer in Gaelic: language(s) = : lachtir le Spinnis = a lecturer in Spanish
leadrnach boring, tedious
leag lay, place, knock down
leagan amach arrangements: Leagan Amach na Luibhne = Key Layout
leaid lad
leigh melt, dissolve
lamh I read
lean [lyann] follow: lean ort = continue
leanacht following
leanaim I follow
leanbh child
lann learning
leann ale
leannn s [lan-awn shee] fairy lover
lear mr lots of, a great number: of = : thar lear = abroad
learg, -a plain, tract of level land
largas pearsanta personal view
learscil [lair-scaw-ill] map
leas improvement, good, well-being, interest: ba do leas = it would be in your best interests, your own: good = : blaint leas as = using: leas sisialach = social welfare <seirbhs leasa shisialaigh>
leasc reluctant: is leasc le X = X is reluctant: is leasc liom = I am reluctant: is leasc li = she is reluctant: is leasc leis = he is reluctant: is leasc linn = we are reluctant: is leasc leo = they are reluctant
leasam I amend, improve
leas amendment, reform, organic: fertilizer! =
leasuithe amendments: nr leasaodh shin = not amended since that: time =
Leat with you
leataoibh one side: i leataoibh mo dhorais = beside my door
leath half, side, one of a pair: a leath acu = half of them
leathan broad, wide
leathanach (lch.) page (p.)
leathanach tosaigh front page
Leathaobh [lah-tave] Lay-by/rest area
leathar leather
leathchad fifty
leathg plaice, flat-fish
leathshil one eye
leathuair half-hour
Li with her
leictreachas electricity: leictri na tuaithe = rural electrification Leifir
ligh read
lighim I read
leigheas cure
lim jump: de lim = suddenly: caitheamh lim = jumping
limim I jump, leap
line [lay-neh] shirt, (a) shirt: T-line = T-shirt, tee-shirt: T-linte = T-shirts
linteacha shirts
leipreachn [lep-ruckh-awn] fairy shoemaker
lir: go lir entirely,all
liritheoir (a) producer (of a television programme)
Leis with him, also
leisce laziness, reluctance
leisciil lazy
leispiach lesbian
leite [letch-eh] porridge
leith special,particular: ar leith = particular: bim faoi leith = special emphasis
leithead width: ar leithead = in width
leithid something like: a leithid = the like of it: mo leithid = the likes of me
leith: go leith and a half
litheir [lay-hore] reader
leithleach apart, peculiar, special, selfish, particular
leithleachas peculiarity
Leithreas [leh-res] Toilet/Lavatory
leithscal excuse, apology: gabh mo leithscal = excuse me: go lir = all
leitir letter
le linn during, in the lifetime of: le linn na seachtaine seo caite = during the past week: le linn bhlianta X = during the years of X: le linn na nchaid = during the: [nineteen-]nineties = : le gnth = to be won, gained: le gnth ag X as Y = to be gained by X from, out of: Y =
Leo with them: b'fhearr leo = they'd rather
leonta sprained
leor: go leor plenty of, enough: go leor = enough, plenty,sufficient: is leor = enough
leora lorry
le tarl to happen
liath [lee-a] grey
liathbhn greyish white
liathchorcra lilac
liathdhearg pale red
liathdhonn pale brown, drab
liathghlas pale green
liath-ghorn grey-blue, steel grey
liathrid ball
Libh with you
lig let
ligean air pretending
ligim I let, I allow: ligithe saor = set free: ligithe amach = released, let out: a ligint saor = set free
Lile na Csca [lile na kauska] Easter Lily
lne line
lnadach [leen-aid-ockh] linen
Linn with us
linn pond, pool, lake: linnte bainne = milk lakes
liofa fluent
liom with me, by me, of mine: is cuimhin liom = I remember.
lon net, fill
lon na mbd the number of boats
lon na lasta the number of loads
lonaim i fill
lionn porter, ale
lios [liss] fairy mound
liosta list
litreacha letters
litrocht literature: litrocht na Gaeilge = Gaelic literature
lis pike (fish)
lobh rot
lobhadh rotting
loch [luch] lake: dan lochinn = do a wee wee
locht fault: t locht agam ar = I have fault to find: with =
loigh lie: i mo loighe = lying: cur ina loighe ar = persuading
loighic logic
loiscneach parched land
listn lodging: ar listn = in lodging
Listn oche [low-stheen ee-heh] Bed and Breakfast
loitimaracht destruction
lom bare, exposed
ln [loan] lunch
lon dubh [lun duv] blackbird
long(a) [lung] boat, ship(s)
lonn siting, placing
lorg track: ar lorg = looking for, seeking
losna short cord attaching hook to spiller or fishing line
luach valuworth, price
luath: go luath early: nos luaithe = earlier
lb bend, flex
lbadh bending
luch [luckh] mouse
lucht people: lucht an airgid = rich people: lucht ceannais = leaders, top administrators: lucht danta X = manufacturers of X, people who make: X = : lucht danta cgas = manufacturers of medicines, of medical: preparations = : lucht a n-ilithe = those who demand them <demand licences,: plural> = : lucht lite = reading public: lucht pleanla = planners: lucht taighde = researchers: lucht comhairle = advisers: an lucht siil = nomads,"Travellers" <lit. "the people who walk">
luan monday: d luain = on monday
lu I lie
lu: ina lu in bed
lib loop, stitch
Luibheanchlr Keyboard
Lnasa August
m if: m leanann siad = if they continue,: follow = : m leanann t de(n) = if you persist in
mac son: mac linn = student
macasamhail equivalent
machaire plain, flat stretch of land
machnam i reflect
madra [modd-ra] dog
mada rua [mod-ah roo-ah] fox
magadh mocking, joking
maide stick, beam: maide rmha = oar
maidin morning: ar maidin = in ththis morning
maidir le as for, with reference to, about, as concerning
migh maw-ee
maime mammy
mair live, last: nach maireann X = that X do not survive, live: maireachtil ar an s = to live the easy life
maircral mackerel
mairg regret,trouble
Mirt tuesday: an Mhirt = Tuesday: d mirt = on tuesday
mairteoil beef
mistir master, schoolmaster
mistres mistress,: shcoolmistress =
maith good: Ar mhaith leat ceann? err voh lat ky-ann = Would you like one?: go maith = well: is maith liom = I like: ba mhaith liom = I would like: maith go leor = all right: ba mhaith liom = I should like: ar mhaith leat = would you like: ba mhaith leo = they would like
maitheas wealth, prosperity
maitheas good, as in a good result: aon mhaitheas = any good
maiteoil mutton
maithim i forgive
mla bag
mall late, slow: go mall = slowly: ar na mallaibh = recently, lately
mana motto
maoin riches
maol bald
mapa map
mar as/because, like: cad mar = ? . . how . . ?: mar an gcanna = the same: mar gheall = because: mar sin = then, therefore, (in that case): mar shampla = for example: mar sin fin = all the same, even so
mara unless, if not
marach only for, except for: marach gnach = except for the fact that
maraigh kill
marar if not, unless
marbh dead
marc mark, target: as marc = off target, wrong
marcaocht ride, riding, lift
margadh market
Mrta March
maru marketing
M s do thoil [may shay do hull ay] Please, May I
masla (an) insult
mthair mother
M [may] I, me
meabhair mind, memory: meadhair chinn = intelligence
meabhrach intelligent
meacan dearga carrots
meach bee
mad: c mhad how much/how many: c mhad at ar . .? = ? . how much is . ?: ar a mhad = at most
meadhg whey
mad (an) increase: med mr = a big increase: mad ar thrcht = increase in traffic: ag mad = increasing
meaisn machine
mealbhg satchel, bag
meall lump, mass
meamram memo
men middle: men oche = midnight: men lae = midday: an Mhuir Meann = the Irish Sea
Men Fmhair September
menscoil secondary school
maracha coise toes
meas regard, esteem, think: meas t = do you think ...?
measaim I think
measartha: go measartha fairly well
measc: i measc among, amidst
measc mix, stir
meascn miscellany, mixture
meastar it is thought, estimated: meastar go = estimated that
mid amount: an mid sin = that much: d mhid = however much: mid na tocsaine = amount of toxin: cn mhid = what size
meigeachumhacht super<mega>-power: an d mheigeachumhacht = the two mega-powers
meigeall a goat's beard, goatee
mir finger
Meireac American
Meiricenach American: i bpipar Meiricenach = in an American: newspaper =
meisce drunkenness: ar meisce = drunk, drunken
Meitheamh June
meon mind, character, opinion: meon na ndaoine = the belief, disposition, ethos of the people: meon loighciil = logical mind
mh'anam indeed, faith
m month: an mh seo = this month: m na Samhna = the month of November: m na Nollag = the month of December
mian desire
mias a dish
mil [mill] honey
mle [meel-ah] a thousand, mile
mleata militant, military
milis sweet
mili thousandth
mill destroy, ruin
millen blame: cur millen ar = blaming
millim I destroy
millin [mill-oon] a million
millin millionth
millina (a) millionaire
millin punt one million Irish: pounds =
milsen [mill-shawn] candy
mlte thousands
mmhinte bad-mannered, impolite
min meal
mn fine,smooth
minic: go minic often: go mion is go minic = very often
ministara [min-ish-chair] minister
mnleach level grassy land
mntr mainland
mionlach minority <usual word for 'minority'>
mionlaigh minorities
mionn oath
Monna na bliana Months of the year
miosr tape measure
miltig glove
mise emphatic form of i (me)
mshaolta not of this world
mshsta dissatisfied,unhappy with their: lot =
misneach courage
miste the worse for it, harm: n miste le = ...doesn't mind
mithid: n mithid duit it is time for you
Mn [mun-awe] Ladies(women): na mn seo = these women
m how many: is m duine = many a person
Mo [muh] My
moch: go moch early
mide: n mide it is unlikely
moill delay
min turf, peat
mointen rough peaty land
mol praise, recommend
moladh (a) recommendation: mholadh = propose. can also mean praise
molaim i praise, commend: molann s = she recommends
molta recommendations: at molta ag XYZ = (which is) recommended, proposed by XYZ
monarcha factory
monatireacht monitoring
Monatir Monitor
mr [moor] big, large: an mr = how much: nach mr = almost: mr millteach = huge: mr-le-r = important, widely spoken: of = : t m mr le = I am friendly with: nor mhr dhom = I am obliged to
morlta (a) moral: am mhortacht = morality
mrn much, many, almost
morgiste mortgage
mrsheisear seven people
mrsheisear ban seven women
mrsheisear fear seven men
mrthimpeall all round
mrthr mainland (see mntr)
Mosc Mosque
Moslamach Moslem
mothaigh feel, perceive: gan moth = unconscious
mch extinguish, put out,: quench =
muic [muck] pig
muiceoil [mwick-ole] pork
muid we
muid fin ourselves
min teach
mineadh teaching: minfear x = x will be taught
muinel neck
minim I teach
muinn confidence, trust: danamh muinn as = trusting: t muinn agam as = I trust in
minte polite, well-mannered
muinteartha friendly: an-mhuinteartha = very friendly
minteoir() [moon-chore] teacher(s)
muintir people <family or community grouping>: mintir na hite = the locals, the people of the place
muir [mwirr] sea
Muir ireann the Irish Sea: ar Mhuir ireann = on the Irish Sea: an Mhuir Meann = the Irish Sea: thar Mhuir ireann = across the Irish Sea
Muire virgin Mary
misc vomit: t misc orm = I feel sick
muise, mhuise <one way of saying 'well, well,' 'dearie me'>: a mhuirnn ! [voorneen] =dearest !
mullaigh summit
mn urine
Muran gorm grassy sand-dunes
Murascail Gulf
murlach kingfisher (bird)
na plural of the
n than
n nor, neither, that not, which: not = : N bac leis [naw bawch lesh] =Do not bother (with: it) = : N caitear tobac [naw kath-ar tobak] =No smoking
nach which is not, is not?: nach mr = almost: Nach raibh m = Wasn't I?: nach n-eisonn X = that X does not issue
ndrthach natural
naonn infant
nire shame
nireach shameful, disgraceful
naisiun nation: na Nisiin Aontaithe = the United Nations: na mion-nisiin = the small nations: na mion-nisin = of the small nations
nisinta national <in context ='at national: level'> =
nmhaid enemy
naoi nine: a naoi [a nee] =(number) nine
naoi dag [nee-jayg] nineteen
naomh saint: ar oilen na naomh = to the island of saints
naomhg coracle
naonr nine people
nao ninth
naprn apron
nr that not, which not
na soga [na shee-ogue-ee] fairy folk
nead [nyad] nest
neaipicn napkin: neaipicn pca = handkerchief
nal wink of sleep
neamhcheangailte nonalaigned
neamheacnamaoch uneconomical
neamhghoillinach too thick-skinned to recognise an: insult =
neamhsplechas independence
neart lots of strength
neimat minute
neodracht neutrality: Conradh Neodrachta na hireann = Irish Neutrality League: tortha neodracha agus neamhcheangailte = neutral and nonalaigned: countries =
n not
nigh wash
nl is not
nl a dhath le gnth there is nothing to be: gained =
Nl a fhios agam [neel a iss agom] I don't know
Nlim cinnte [neel-im keenteh] I'm not sure
Nlimid [kneelmeed] we are not.
Nl mrn Gaeilge agam neel moor-aan gael-ga agom I have not much Irish
Nl m [kneel may] I am not.
Nl s [kneel shee] he is not
Nl s [kneel shay] she is not
Nl siad [kneel shed] they are not.
Nl sibh [kneel sheev] you (plural) are not.
Nl t [kneel too] you are not.
mm i wash
N maith liom . [nee mah lom eh] I do not like it
nimh poison: an-nimhneacha = very poisonous
nochn washing
nor it was not
nos doichte tighter <in context, tightening up the: law> =
nos m bigger/any more
nos m n more than
N rabhamar We were not
N raibh m I was not
N raibh s He was not
N raibh s She was not
N raibh siad They were not
N raibh sibh You were not
N raibh t You were not
nithe ar fnamh good things
N thosid s. It won't start.
N thuigim [nee higim] I do not understand
N or
n gnach until
ncha [no-khah] ninety
nchad ninetieth
noimad [no-mayd] minute
Nollaig December, Christmas
Nollaig faoi mhaise (dhuit)! Happy Christmas (to you <singular>)!
Nollaig faoi mhaise (dhaoibh)! Happy Christmas (to you <plural>)!: faoi Nollaig = around Christmas: M na Nollag = December
ns custom: ar aon ns = anyhow: ar ns = like
nua [noo-ah] new
nuaochat news
nuair when
nuair a thiocfaidh X when X comes <NB. fut.tense: 'will come'>
nsanna customs, practices <as in `folk: customs'> =
nsmhaireacht customariness, formality, usual: practice =
nuachtn newspaper
nuachtin newspapers: nuachtin laethila = daily newspapers: Nuacht Aisiontacht = (News Agency ?)
nuair when
niclach nuclear
[oh] (away) from, since
1939 i leith since 1939, from 1939 on
1897 go dt 1924 from 1897 to 1924
obair [ow-ber] work: obair easca = easy work: ag obair = working: as obair = out of work: gcur as obair = being thrown out of their: jobs =
obrid() operation(s) <strictly in the medical: sense> =
cid occasion: cid shisialta = social occasion
ocht eight: a hocht [a huckht] =(number) eight
ochtar eight people
0cht dag [uckht-jayg] eighteen
ocht [ukh-toe] eighty
ochtd eightieth
ocht eighth
ocras hunger
odhar dun coloured (Scots)
dheas [owe yass] south
g [ooge] young
oibr worker
oibrigh work, use
oche night: oche mhaith = goodnight: istoche = at night: an oche anocht = tonight
oideachas education: Roinn Oideachais = Department of Education
oideachasil educational
Oifige office
oifigeach eolais information officer
Oifig an phoist [ohfig-un-fost] Post-office
Oifig eolais [uffig-ohl-as] Information (office)
oifigiil official
ige youth
oilen [ill-yawn] island, (an) island: an t-oilen = the island
Oilen Mhanainn Isle of Man
oilte skilled
oilteacht skill
oinnin onion
oiread much, amount, as many: an oiread = that much: a oiread = so much
oirinach suitable, fitting, appropriate
Oir-Ghearmin in East Germany
oirthear eastern
l [hole] drink: ag l = drinking: laim = I drink
ola [ullah] oil
olann [ull-un] wool
olc bad, evil, wicked: go holc = badly
oll- <prefix, meaning 'big', 'mega-'>
ollamh (a) professor: ollamh le socheolaocht = a professor of: sociology = : ollamh le diagacht = a professor of divinity
OllAmharc CloseView
ollmhr huge
ollstt mega-state
Ollscoil [ull-skol] University
ollscoileanna universities
olltoghchin general election
lta drunk: ltar fuisce = whisk(e)y is drunk
na from
r [ore] gold
Oraibh on you
orid speech
Orainn on us
oriste orange: orist [ur-awsh-chee] =oranges
rbhu golden yellow
rdhonn auburn
rga golden
orlach inch
orlr floor
Orm on me
Ort on you
Orthu on them
os: os cionn above, over: os comhair = in front of
oscail floor
oscailt open: ag oscailt = opening: Ar oscailt [air-oskalt] =Open: beidh X ag oscailt = X will be opening: go hoscailte = openly: nos oscailte = more openly
osclfar x x will be opened
shin since (time), ago: bliain shin = a year ago
Ospidal [oh-spid-ale] Hospital
osta [aysta] old
stn [ow-staan] Hotel: teah sta = hotel
thuaidh [owe hoo-ee] north
pacil pack
p pay
paidir prayer
Painal Rialchin Control Panel
pipar paper
pirc park, large field
pirceanna fields
parcil park
pirt political party
pirtthe political parties: Pirt an Lucht Oibre = Labour Party
Piste [paw-shh-teh] a child
pist [paw-shtee] children
paiste patch, piece: paiste taln = a patch of land
paiteanta perfect
pariste parish
parlaimint Eorpach (a) European parliament
parlaimint nsiunta (a) national parliament
Parlaimint na hEorpa the European Parliament <official EC term>
pariste parish
p whatever: p duine = whoever: p rud = whatever
peain frying pan
peann pen
pearsanra personnel: largas pearsanta = personal view
peata pet
peictir picture
peileadir footballer
peilir pillow
pinteil paint
pinteilte painted
pire pair, two things
pirse perch (measure)
pist [paysht] worm
phpa pope
pholatochta political
pholatiil political
pian pain
piardg cray-fish
pb uilleann [peeb ill-in] bagpipes
pictir pictures
pictirlann [pick-chewr-lann] cinema
piobar pepper
pog ll [pee-owg ool] apple pie
pionta a pint
popa pipe
pincn, minnow (fish)
pingin [ping-in] penny
pinsean pension
pinsinara pensioner
pioc pick, nothing
piocaim I pick
pionta pint
popa pipe
posa piece, bit, patch
piseanna peas
pisega [pish-ogue-ah] superstitions
pit vulva
piteog queer, effeminate man, sissy
plaincad blanket
plms flattery
plta [plaw-tah] plate: plta beag = side plate: plta mr = dinner plate
pl [play] discuss, discussion
plean plan
pleananna plans: a bpleananna = their plans: a gcuid pleananna = their plans, their own plans: a gcuid pleananna siadsan = their very own plans, vs anyone else's
pleanil planning
plasc explode, burst
pligh discss, deal with, be: connected =
plocid plug
pldaithe crowded
pluimara plumber
pluid blanket (double width)
plump bang, loud noise, peal
plr flour
pobal community: an pobal i gcoitinne = the general public: teach an phobail = catholic church building: pobal lonnaithe = "settled people", residents
pobalscoil community school
poblacht [pub-lucht] republic
pca pocket
pocn gabhair he-goat
pg kiss: ag pgadh = to kiss
poibl public: rud a phoibli = to give publicity to something
pointe point, point of time: ar an bpointe = on the spot, immediately
pointeilte punctual, precise,: punctilious =
Poitin beer
polaitocht politics: Eolaocht Pholaitiil = Political Science
polasa policy
polasa atheagraithe policy of reorganisation,: restructuring =
polasathe policies
poll hole
pollg pollock (fish)
port [purt] jig
portach [purt-uckh] bog: an Phortaingilis = Portaguese
prtar porter, stout
ps marry, get married
psaim I marry
post post, position
posta post, job, mail, post office
postas ochta [pust-us ee-ukh-tah] postage paid
psta married: lnin phsta = (a) married couple: a bheith psta = be married
pota pot
ptaire drunkard
praghas price
prinn urgent
praiseach mess: Praiseach = a weed that propagates extremely well
praiticiil practical
prta potato: prta [praw-tee] =potatoes
Pratastnach protestant
prachn crow
printseach (an) apprentice
priocadh prodding, pinching, stinging, jibing at, biting (fish)
priocaim I prod, pinch, sting
PriontFheitheoir PrintMonitor
prosn [pree-soon] prison
priosinigh Prisioners
prisas process
pros press, cupboard
prs prose
puinn much
pca [pook-ah] hobgoblin
puca spread, canvas (of sail)
pcn, small fishing smack
punt [poont] pound
Puzal Puzzle
QuickDraw 32-Ghiotn 32-Bit QuickDraw
r I say: a r s seal = to say it quietly, under one's breath
rachaidh future of go
radharc view, sight
raghad I shall go: An rabhamar? = were we?: An raibh m? = Was I?: An raibh s? = was he?: An raibh s? = Was she?: An raibh siad? = Were they?: An raibh sibh? = were you?: An raibh t? = were you?
raidi radio
rille rail, railing, banister
rithe a season (three months)
raithnach bracken, fern
ramhar fat
rang [wrong] class
rsa race
rsr razor
rta rates: rta is = interest rates: rta morgiste = mortgage rates: rta boilscithe = inflation rates: an rabhlid = the revolution
rath wealth, prosperity, good
rth, -anna rath
rthaocht shaoling (fish)
rab tear, smash, act violently
rabadh tearing,smashing
reachtaigh legislate
reachtaocht legistlation
radil realistic
ral sixpence
reamhar fat, thick
rasnta rasonable,reasonably: priced =
ridh ready, level, quiet
ridh done, over with <in another: context> = : fil ridh = be finished with
reifreann (a) referendum
riginach regional (singular: adj.) =
riginacha regional (singular: adj.) =
riginda regional
rimse ceadaithe permitted range
rims ceadaithe permitted ranges, limits: permissable =
rir order: de rir = in accordance with, according: to = : de rir mar = according, as: de rir a chile = gradually, bit by bit
comhghuaillocht leathanbhunaithe, broad alliance.: [] =comhghuaillocht leathanbhunaithe, broad alliance.
reithe ram
riteach solution, remedy: an riteach = the solution, the remedy: riteach tobann = quick solution (implication: not a true: solution) =
ritheach open, unfenced land
ritigh prepare, clear, solve
ritm I agree, I solve
reitric rhetoric
reoch [row-ukh] frosty
reoite ice cream
r [ree] king
riachtanach necessary, essential
rialta regular
rialtas [reel-tass] government: comhlachta rialtais = government bodies
Rialchin Control
riamh ever, always
riarachin administration
riasc, risc, riasca marsh, wet land
riastil laceration, sever cutting
or folds preparing grass-land for tillage: [] =or folds preparing grass-land for tillage
riastlaim, riastil, riastilte I mark with folds or welts,
"score" grass-land: [] ="score" grass-land
rifi'neach ruffian
rince [ring-kyeh] Dance
rinnn, reanna point, tip
rs [reesh] rice
rith [rih] run: ina rith = running: i rith = during
rithim I run
ro- too, over, excessively
robar dishcloth
rchaitheamh overspending
rfhbharaithe well supported
rogha choice
roghnaithe chosen, selected: focal simpl a roghn = to select a simple word
roilig graveyard, cemetery
roimh [rowivh] before
roinn divide, share: ag roinnt = sharing: ag roinnt na cistine = sharing the kitchen
Roinn Department: an Roinn Slinte = the Department of: Health = : Roinn Oideachais = Department of Education
roinnt dividing, division
romhainn amach before us, in front of us, ahead of us
rmhinic (all) too often
ronnach mackerel
rpa rope
ros promontory, headland
rshuntasach very stisfactory
rost fry, roast
roth wheel
rotha ray (fish)
rothar [ruh-urr] bicycle
rtharraingtheach too inviting
Rua [roo-eh] Red-haired, fur
ruachorcra puce
ruaim, -eacha a long hair (as from horse or cow-tail)
ruainne a little bit
ruaiteach brown moor-land
rud thing: ruda = things: rud beag = a small quantity: rud eile dhe = furthermore, moreover: sin an rud = that is the thing: (point) = : rud ar bith = anything, nothing: rud a phoibli = to give publicity to something
rugas I bore, I caught, I took
ruibh viciousness
Ris Russia
Riseach Russian, a Russian
Risis Russian language
Risigh Russians
ritn ankle
rn [roon] secret: faoi rn = confidential
rna Secretary
rusta wrist, cuff
ruthar attack
sa (san - with vowls) in the: Sa bhaile [su wollyeh] =At home: sa dl = in law
s stick, stab, shove
sbh saw
sbhil save
sac sack
sch satisfied, enough,: sufficiently =
Sacsan genitive plural "of Saxons, of the English"
sagart [sogg-orth] priest
saghas sort, kind
sibhara sawyer
saibhir rich
saighdir soldier
saighneoireacht seine-fishing
sil heel
sile sea-water: thar sile = overseas, abroad
saileach a willow
sim I thrust,push,plunge
sainelaithe experts
sainnithe traped
saitilt satellite
salach [soloch] dirty
salachar dirt
salaigh dirty
salann [soll-un] salt
sall over,across
smh sound: codladh smh = a sound sleep: codladh go smh = to sleep soundly
Samhain Hollowtide: M na Samhna = November
samhlaigh imagine
samhradh [sour-ah] summer
sampla example
san that: insan = in the
san athbhliain in the new year
saoire: l saoire holiday: ar saoire = on holiday
saoirse freedom
saol [seel] life: os comhair an tsaoil = publicly, openly: saol crua = (a) hard life: saol na tire = the life of the country: dine an tsaoil = the harshness of life: an saol nua-aoiseach = the life of the world today
saor cheap/free: ligithe saor = set free: a ligint saor = set free: saor cloiche = stonemason: saor chin = tax-free
saolta earthly, of this world
saornach citizens <see next line>
saornaigh <1st pers. plur. masc.>
Saorstt ireann the Irish Free State <now the: republic> =
saotha(i)r liteartha literary work(s)
saothraigh earn, achieve (with effort)
saothr earning, to earn
sara before: sara fada = before long
sram I contradict, overcome
sraocht arguing, dispute
ssamh I satisfy
Sasana [soss-anna] England
Sasanach Englishman
ssar saucer
sspan saucepan
ssta satisfied/pleased
sstaocht satifaction
sstacht contentment: ar a shstacht = quite content: an Satharn = Saturday
scabhlaracht scolding, giving out
scabhtara scoundrel
scadn [skod-awn] herring
scairt shine
scaitheamh periods of time, sometimes
scamall cloud
scamallach [scom-ull-uckh] cloudy
scannn [scon-awn] film
scanradh terror, fright
scanraigh take fright, frighten, scare
scaoil loosen, free
scaoilim I loose, set free
scaoil amach let out, release, loosen, let loose
scar separate, part, spread: scartha na chile = separated from each other
scart entrails
scth shadow
scth fear
scthn mirror
sceach hawthorn, briar
scal story
scala news, tidings: scala bis = report of death
scala storyteller
scalaocht a storytelling
sceartadh bursting (into laughter)
scim scheme, project, plan
scian [shkee-un] knife: scian phca = pocketknife, penknife
sciathn [shkee-hawn] wing
scil skill, knowledge: baint scil as = examining, analyzing, diagnosing
scilling shilling
scioptha fast, speedily
sciorta skirt
sciotg woman with skimpy dress
scth rest, school holiday: ligean mo scth = relaxing
sclbha laborer
sclbhaocht laboring, hard work,: drudgery =
scodal thin porridge, "skilly"
scol shoal (fish): loud cry (of song, lamentation)
scoil [skull] school: ar scoil = at school: an scoil = the school: na scoile = of the school: an chad scoil = the first school: sa chad scoil = in the first school: scoil chna = boarding school
scoilt crack, split
scolire [skull-aw-reh] student
scolireacht scolarship
scp scope, freedom
scr [score] score (in a game),: twenty =
scril score
scornach throat
scraiste no-good loafer,layabout <in American English,`bum'>: a scraiste! = <something Edward G.Robinson might have said>
screadach crying out
scrbhneoir writer
scrobh [shreeve] write
scrobhaim I write
scrte written
scri screw
scrdaigh examine
scrd [screw-doo] examination
scrdams let us examine, let us study in: depth =
scuab broom
scuabadh sweeping
scuabaim I sweep
scuaine queue
scuain queues
scuain fada long queues
S [shay] he (or it): T s = it is
s six: a s [a shay] =(number) six: s phlasc agus d feichead = forty six explosions
seachas besides, except for
seachain avoid
seachnam I avoid: sheachaint = discourage,avoid
seacht seven: a seacht [a shockht] =(number) seven
seachtain a week: seachtaine = of the week: deireadh seachtaine = weekend: an tseachtain seo = this week: an tseachtain seo caite = last week <just past>: sa tseachtain = per week
seachtar seven people
seacht dag [shockht-jayg] seventeen
seacht [shockh-toe] seventy
seachtd seventieth
seachtoidi seventies
seacht seventh
seaclid [shock-lawj] chocolate
seafid nonsense
seafideach nonsensical
seibhaineachas chauvinism
seaicad jacket
Samas Connale James Connolly
Shamais U Chonnale of James Connolly
Sen John: a Shein = John the vocative form
Seanadir Senator: shan = deny
sean- old
seanacha [shan-ukh-ee] storyteller
seanad senate
Seanad ireann the Senate Ireland
Seanadir() Senator(s): An Seanadir David Norris = Senator David Norris: An Seanadir Cinnide = Senator Kennedy
seanfhocal proverb
sean-fhondir founders(of: community,etc.)<here'oldtimers'> =
seanmhthair grandmother
seanmhthair na mn the woman's: grandmother =
sean ns [shan nose] traditional style
seanrimeas old regime
seans chance, luck: seans maith go mbeidh X = there's a good chance that X will,it's probable: seans gnach = perhaps: 'chuile sheans (gnach) = most proberly: drochsheans (gnach) = nost unlikely: an tSeapin = Japan: na Seapine = of Japan
searbh bitter
searrach foal
seas endure, last
seasam I stand
seasamh standing, endurance: seasamh dlithiil = legal standing, legal: status = : seasamh morlta = (a) moral stance
seasca [shask-ah] sixty
seascad sixtieth
seascaidi sixties
seasmhach lasting
sasr [shay-soor] seasons
Sasir na bliana Seasons of the year
s dag [shay-jayg] sixteen
seic [sheck] check
seif shelf
Seillean ruadh Honey bees
seilmide snail
seilp shelf
seint playing (music)
sipal (a) chapel
sipil [shay-pale] chapels
seirbhs [sher-veesh] service: seirbhs chomhairleach = advisory service: seirbhs eolais = information services
seirdn pilchard, sardine (fish)
seisean emphatic form of he
seisear six people
seo [sho] this/these
seo here is: an cailn seo = this girl: seo an t-uisce = here is water: seo duit = here you are: as seo amach = from this time on, this day forward
seol sail: faoi lntseol = under full sail, in full: swing =
seoladh [show-lah] address
seomra [showmreh] room: seomra cna = living room: dh sheomra = two rooms: Seomra feithimh [show-em-rah feh-iv] =Waiting Room: seomra codlata = bedroom
se sixth
Sgairbh cormorants
s shit
siad [sheed] they
siamsa [sheem-sa] entertainment
siar [sheer] west
sibh [sheev] you (plural): sibh fin = yourselves
sicn [shick-een] chicken
sl think,be of the opinion
sleann think(s), hold(s) the: opinion =
slim I think: do shleas = I thought
simlar chimney
sin [shin] that/those
sin that is/there is: mar sin = like that, so: mar sin fin = even so, all the same: shin = since then, ago: sin n = either that or: danfaidh sin = o.k., will do!: an fear sin = that man: sin punt = that's a pound: sin = that is, that's what: sin at romhainn = that's what's ahead of us,what we are: facing = : d dheasca sin = because of that
sn stretch, extend
singil single
Sinn/muid [shinn/myuid] we: sinn fin = ourselves
snte stretched, sheer
sioc frost: cur sheaca = frosting
sochin [shee-uckh-awn] peace
soda [shee-dah] silk
sol [shee-ull] seed
siopa [shuppa] shop: siopa [shuppee] =shops: t an siopa ar oscailt = the shop is open
siopadir shopkeeper
siopadireacht shopping
sor- constantly, for ever,: eternally =
sos down, downward
sise emphatic form of she
sicra [shoo-cra] sugar
sid that there
siil [shuul] walk, travel: ag sil = walking: an lucht siil = nomads
siinir carpenter, joiner
siinaracht carpentry, working as a: carpenter =
sil walking, traveling,: speed = : ar sil = afoot, in progress, on
silam I walk
silid walk, taking a walk
sirilte sure
slachtmhar handsome, well finished
sladmhargadh bargain <incredibly cheap bargain>
slaghdn cold, disease
Slinte [slawntche] Good Health - toast
slm large amount of
sln safe, sound
sln [slwan] good-bye: sln abhaile [slaan awolye] =Safe home, goodnight: sln agat = goodbye: sln leat [slawn lat] =Goodbye (singular)
Slnaitheoir Saivour
slat rod
sleachta extracts (from a given text)
slachta terrible slaughters <so mind that `/': !> =
sleachtaim, I cut, hack, fell
sleamhain slippery, smooth
Sl [shlee] a way,path
sl igin some way
sl igin eile some other way
sliabh [shleev] mountain: slibhte = mountains: slibhte ime = butter mountains
slinn slate
sliotar ball <hurley ball>
slogtar piolla suain sleeping tablets are swallowed
slua crowd
sluasaid shovel
smacht control, strict discipline
smachtfar will be brought under control, disciplined
smachtrim hegemony
smaoineamh thought (noun)
smaoinigh think (about): a gcoimedann do smaointe = whose thoughts keep (you) <your thoughts>: cosc a chur ar smaointe = to suppress thoughts
smlach [smole-uckh] thrush
sna plural of 'in the'
sna caogaid in the fifties
sna daithid in the forties
sna fichid in the twenties
snmh swim
snmhaim I swim, float
snth thread
snthaid needle, injection
sneachta snow: cur shneachta = snowing
snda snood (as on fishing line)
so this: go soilar [guh sull-air] =clear: go soilir = clearly
sobhriste breakable
socair quiet, steady: socair ionam fin = at ease with myself
socheolaocht sociology
sisialta social: cid shisialta = social occasion
sochraide (a) funeral
socraigh settle, arrange
socr arrangement, deal
Socr CD SC Apple Apple HD SC Setup
soibhir rich
soibhreas richness, riches
soill fat
soir [ser] east
sisialach social
soitheach dish, (sailing) vessel
Sivadach Soviet: na Sibhide = of the USSR
sol m before
solas light
solthram I provide, supply
sompla example: mar shompla = for example
son: ar son for the sake of: ar son D = for God's sake
so-lta easily drunk
srt sort, kind, somewhat: 'chuile shrt = every shrt, everything
spid spade
Spinnis Spanish language: an Spinnis = Spanish
Spinn Spain: na Spinne = of Spain
spalptha parched
sps space, (necessary) time
spaclir glasses/spectacles
speal scythe
spir sky
spis interest <in ideas,: things> =
speisialta special
spisiil interesting (singular)
spisila interesting (plural)
spiaire spy
splechas dependence
spirt sport, fun: baint spirt as = getting fun out of
spraoi spree: danamh spraoi = playing
sprach spark
spreasn big useless man, "dope"
spriocdhta closing date (for applications)
spnig [spun-owg] spoon: spnig bheag = teaspoon: spnig mhr = tablespoon
srid street: sa tsrid = in the street
sridbhaile village
sreang cord
srian reins
sroich reach
sroisim I reach
srn nose
sruth current, flow
sruthn [shruh-awn] stream
stbla stable
stadach having a stutter
stadal stutter
stadaim I stop
stdas status
staighre stairs
stail stallion
stair history
stitse stage: stisiin raidio = radio stations: stisiin telifse = television stations: na Stit Aontaithe = the United States
staithim i pluck, pull
stampa [stomp-ah] STAMP
stampa stamps
stta state <political>: stt saor = free state, sovereign state, autonomous state
sttchras state system
sttseirbhs civil service
sttseirbhseach (a) civil servant
sttseirbhsigh civil servants
stig, -eacha slice (of meat, land, leather, etc.)
intestine (the colon): [] =intestine (the colon)
stoca sock: stoca = socks
stcach youth
stcil prepare, get ready
stoirm storm
stl stool
stop stop
str store, treasure,darling
str storey
stracaim I tear
strainc grimace
strainsara stranger(s)
straitis strategy
straitiseach strategic
strinsir stranger
stuaim dexterity, skill
suaimhneach peacefdul, tranquil
suaimhneas quietness, peace: an tSualainn = Sweden: na Sualainne = of Sweden
suarach miserable, mean
suaral meanness
suas upwards, up
subh [soo] jam
substaint() substance(s)
sd that: iad sd = those people
sgn straw rope
sgradh [sue-grah] play
su sit: i mo shu = up (out of bed)
sil eye: sile = eyes: t sil agam = I hope: t sil ag X = X hopes: sil le = expecting, looking forward: to = : baint l'an na sl as = getting a good and proper: look =
sileil ceiling
sum I sit
suim heed, attention, interest
suochn seat
suomh site: suomh oirinach = a suitable site
suipar [sip-air] supper
siste flail
slach juice
slach fis sap
t is/are: t a fhios agam = I know: t aifala orm = I regret: t aithne agam air = I know him: t brn orm = I am sorry: T ceart agam = I am right: T dchas agam = I hope: T filte romhat [taw fall] =tye root: T Gaeilge agus Barla agam = I know Irish and English: T go maith [tah go mah] =Very well: T m [taw may] =I am: T roth pollta agam. = I have a puncature: T s [taw shay] =he is: T s [taw shee] =she is: T siad [taw sheed] =they are: T sibh [taw shev] =ye are: T sil agam = I hope: T t [taw too] =you are
tbhachtach important: an chuid is tbhachta = the most important: part =
tabhair give: tabhair dhom = give me: tabhair dom do lmh = give me your hand!, let's shake on: it! = : tabhairt ar = calling (name): tabhairt faoi = attacking, coming to grips with: tabhairt le = bringing, taking away
tbhairne tavern, public house
taca point of time: um an dtaca so = by this time
tacaocht backing, support
tada anything, nothing, some
tae [tay] tea
taepait teapot
tagaim I come
taghd fit of anger
taighde research
taighdeoir researcher, research worker
tilliir tailor
tilliireacht tailoring
Timid [tawmeed] We are
Tim anseo le tr l anois I am here 3 days now.
tairbhe good, benefit, use, usefulness, utility, worth, benefit, profit
tairbheach beneficial, profitable, useful
tairgeoir producers
tairg offer: tairiscint ar = bidding for
tairgim I draw
tairne nail
tais [tash] damp
taisme (an) accident
taispenaim I show
taispentas show, exhibition
taispentas ealane art exhibition
taistil travel
Taisteal go mall [tash-tell guh mall] Travel slowly
taith habit, practice, use
taithneamh enjoyment, pleasure: baint taithneamh as = enjoy: taithneamh a bhaint as = to enjoy
taithnigh please: taithnonn s liom = it pleases me, I like
taitneann: taitneann s liom I like him
talamh, talaimh, taln, tailte land
talmha earthly
tamall a while, a space, period
tamhnach a smooth spot in rough land: (also tamhng,)
tana (tanaigh) thin
taobh side: taobh thiar = beyond: taobh thiar de x = behind x, at the back of x: ar thaobh na l'aimhe dieiscl = on the right/left hand: side = : taobh istigh = inside, withing: taobh amuigh = outside: taobh amuigh de = outside of, excluding: i dtaobh = concerning, with regard to: thaobh dl = from the legal standpoint, in law: ar thaobh an bhthair = on the side of the road
taoibhn patch on shoe-upper
Taoiseach [tee-shuckh] prime minister
tapaidh quick
tar come: tar is d ir as = after his resignation, on going into: retirement =
tarbh [torv] bull
tar is after
tarlaigh happen: F mar a tharla = As it happened
tarlaonn s it happens
tarluithe happenings
tarna second
tarraing drawing, pulling
tarraingt draw, pull, attract
tarrthil rescue
tart a thirst
taspin show
taspint showing: t m do mo thaspint fin = I am showing off
tastaigh need: tastaonn s uaim = I need
tathagach substandial
tthar ar sil It is expected
tathant urge: ag tathant = urging
te [cheh] hot: bainne te = warm milk
t [chay] person: an t = he who, a person who
teach [tyeach] house: teach tbhairne = pub: teach sta = hotel, public house: teach an phobail = church
teacht [tawkt] come, arraival: ag teacht = coming: teacht amach = (to) come out: teacht as = surviving
TacsCheacht TeachText
tad rope
teagasc teaching
teagasc na teanga teaching (of) the language
teaghlach household, family
teagmhil contact: i dteagmhil = in contact: dul i dteagmhil le = to get in touch with: teagmhil dhreach = direct contact, direct links: teagmhil dhearfach = positive contact
teallach household, family
teallaigh households
teanga tongue, language: teanga a mhuineadh = to teach a language: teanga oibre = a working language: teangacha neamhfhorleathana = minority languages <official EC term>: a dteanga fin = their own language: ar theanga = on language
teangeolaocht linguistics
teann taut, tight, firm: le teann = from sheer ...
teannta: i dteannta along with: im theannta = with me
teara come
tarma term
teas a heat
teastaonn is lacking: teastaonn s uaim = I need it. I want it
teideal title
Tigh go, heat, warm
teilifs television
tim i go
teipeann fails: do theip orm = i failed: gan teip = without fail
Telefn [tele-fown] Telephone
teoiric theory
teora limit
teorainn. border: an teorainn a threasna = crossed the border
thabhairt gave: a thabhairt = to bring <also means 'to give'>: a thabhairt dibh = to give (to) them: a thabhairt os comhair = to bring before
thagann comes
thinig came: a thaisce! = [my] treasure! <after a lovers' quarrel>
Thairg offer
thall yonder, over there
thall is abhus here and there
thar beyond, over: thar n-ais = back: thar cheann = in return for: thar farraige = across water, over the sea: thar lear = overseas, abroad: thar tr = across the country,: overland = : thar a bheith = more than, extremely: thar mar = compared with
tharla it happened
thart over, around: thart ar = around
theis after
thiar in the west: le thiocht le cheile = come together: nuair a thiocfaidh X = when X comes <NB. fut.tense: 'will come'>: cathain a thiocfaidh X = when X will come, when will X come
thos below: a thionscain = instituted by
thin ass: Thin na'gaotha = ass to the wind
thoir in the east: ar thir deontais = in search of a grant: a thomhas = to measure
thr through: thr thine = on fire: thrna chile = upset: thr gach scal = finally
thrd through: thrd is thrd = all things considered, on the: whole =
th you
thuaidh: thuaidh in/from the north
thuar s he predicted
thuar s she predicted
thuar siad they predicted
thuas above
thug m I gave <one `gives' a visit>: thug m cuairt ar Mhosc = I visited Moscow
thusa you
t: ar t about to
tiarna lord
Tibadach Tibetan
ticad ticket
Ticid [tick-ade] Tickets
tig understand
tigh at the house of
tilleadh more
timpeall circuit, around, about,
circa, in the region of: [] =circa, in the region of: timpeall ar = around: timpeall's = around about, approximately: timpeall Mhuir ireann = around the Irish Sea
timpiste accident
tincara tinker
tine fire
tinn sick, sore
tinneas sickness, soreness, pain
Tiobraid rann Tipperary: ag tiont = turning, turning: towards =
Tiomin go mall [tim-awn guh mawl] Drive slowly
tortha countries: tortha agsla = various countries: tortha eile an Ch.E. = other countries of the European Community: tortha neodracha agus neamhcheangailte = neutral and nonalaigned: countries =
tiominim I drive
tiomna driver
tionisc accident
tionscadal project
tionscadal to'gla building project
tionscal industry
tortha countries
tr [cheer] land, (a) country: Tr na ng [cheer na nohg] =land of youth: an tr = the country: an tr seo = this country: tr mhr = mainland
treolas geograhpy
tirim [chirr-im] dry
tiscint understanding
tit fall
tithocht housing
titim I fall: ag titim = falling
tiubh thick, dense
tichan thickening
tiubhaigh thicken
tis thickness, density
tnth longing: thth le = longing for
tobac tobacco
tobann sudden, quick
tobar [tubber] a well: an todhcha = the future: todhcha na Gaeilge = the future of the Gaelic language: faoi thodhcha na Gaeilge = about the future of the Gaelic language: todhcha na litrochta = the future of: literature =
togil building (work, not place)
tgaim I raise, I take
tgfar x x will be built, x will be: taken = : go dtgfar x = that x will be built
togh choose, elect
togha choosing, choice, election: togha fir = an excellent man (you are): t s togha = it is excellent
toghch(i)n election(s)
toib: ar thoib on the point of
tig take up, excite, record,: build =
toil will: le do thoil = please: ms do thoil = please
toil will <as in 'free will'>
tin bottom, rear end
tir keen, desire, chase
toirneach thunder
toisc because
toit smoke
toitn cigarette
tom bush
tomhais measure
toradh fruit, crop, result
traigh look for
trainn boundary, limit, border
trramh wake: bh trramh air = he is waked
tortha scrduithe results of examinations
tosach beginning, front: claochluithe tosaigh = initial mutations: chun tosaigh = forward, ahead: i thosach = in the beginning,at first
tosaigh begin,start: chun tosaigh (ar Y) = ahead (of Y)
tosca conditions
tosca circumstances
toscaireacht delegation, deputaion: toscaireacht Bhascach = a Basque delegation: an toscaireacht Bhascach = the Basque delegation
tosnam I begin
tost silence
tr [thraw] beach, strand
trcht traffic, trade, mention: gan trcht ar = not to mention
trchtaim I speak of, I discuss
trchtaireacht commentary
traein [train] train
traglaidteach troglodyte <I guess! NOT in OD's dictionary>
traidisin tradition
trigh strand
traoiil try, trial, experiment
trasna accross: threasna = crossed
Trasna anseo [trahsnaa ansho] Cross here
trta [traw-tee] tomatoes
trthnna evening: f thrthnna = by evening
treabhsar pair of trousers
trealamh oifige office equipment
tran strong
treascairt overthrow
treasna across
trimhse (a) period of time: trimhse fhada = (a) long time, long stretch of time
treo way, direction: i dtreo = in order
tr through
tr three: a tr [a tree] =(number) three: tr fichid = sixty
trialacha ar ainmhithe animal experiments
trialacha saotharlainne laboratory experiments
triall journeying, going
trd through
tr dag [tree-jayg] thirteen
tr l three days
trioblid trouble: n maith liom do thrioblid = (say when: sympathizing) =
trocha [truckh-ah] thirty
triomaigh dry
triom drying
trith fits of laughter
tru third
trir three persons
traire mercy
troid a fight: troid a bhuachtaint = to win a fight: troid a sheachaint = to avoid a fight: troid a chur suas = to put up a fight: ag troid = fighting: fonn troda = desire to fight
troigh foot
trom heavy
trosc cod-fish: ola troisc, codliver oil
trua pity
trucail cart
T [too] you
tille towel
tuaiplis mistake, blunder, faux pas
tuairim an opinion, theory, guess, estimate: thuairim = lenited plural of tuairim (dh causes: lenition) = : B'shin an tuairim = That was the opinion: tuairim phearsanta = (a) personal opinion: tuairim an Easpaig = the Bishop's opinion, view, judgment
tuairisc news, account, description, report
tuairisc reports
tuairiscodh it is reported: dh thuairisc = two reports
Tuaisceart North: thuaidh [owe hoo-ee] =north: an Tuiscirt = of the North: crocha tuaisceartacha = northern lands
tuaithe rural
tuarascil (a) report: tuairisc nos iomline = a more detailed report: t tuarascil hullmh = a report is being prepared,: drawn up = : tuarascil rin = secret, confidential report
tuarastal salary, wages: d dtuarastal = of their wages
tuath countryside
tubaiste (a) disaster
tugaim i give, i bring: an-tugtha don rince = very fond of dancing
tu straw, thatch
tuige why
tuigeann understand(s)
Tuigim tig-im I see (I understand), <think of the American 'I dig'>: go dtuigeann siad = that they understand: an dtuigeann t? [uh dig un too] =do you understand ?
tuigtear it is understood
tuilleadh more, further
tuillim I earn, I deserve: thuill s a bheatha = he earned his living
tin urge, put pressure on
tuirse tiredness
tuirseach tired
tis: ar dtis at first
tisce sooner, soonest
tuiscint understanding: a thuiscint = to understand
tumil drive
tumla driver
turas journey: in aon turas = on purpose
turasir() tourist(s)
ts (the, a) beginning: ts na mosa = the beginning of the: month =
tustin fourpence
tusa emphatic form of you
ttach mean, clumsy, awkward
ttal meanness, clunsiness
uachta will, testimony
uachtar [ookh-tur] cream, top, surface: in uachtar = on top
uachtarlann creamery(of cream)
achtarn [ookh-tur-awn] president
uachtar reoite [ookh-tur roe-cheh] ice cream
uafs terror: an t-uafs = tremendous amount
uafsach terrible, awful
uaigh grave
uaigneach loney
uaigneas loneliness
uain time, opportunity
uaine green, greenish yellow
uaineoil [oon-ole] lamb
uair [oo-ar] timhour, weather, sometimes: cn uair = when: uait an chloig = an hour: uaireanta = sometimes
ualach burden, load
uamhach troglodyte <in de Bh's dict.>
uan lamb
uasal noble, belonging to gentry
uathriail autonomy
ubh egg: uibheacha [iv-uckh-ah] =eggs
ubhchruth oval
uchtach courage
d that
dar author, reason, cause
daris authorities: na hdaris = the authorities
uile all
uilig altogether, entire, whole
uimhir [ivv-er] number
inara owner
ireadas freshness
Uirthi on her
is interest
uisce water: An uisce [un ishgge] =the water
uisce beatha whiskey
lla apple
ullamh ready: X a ullmh = to prepare X: hullmh = in preparation ('h' indicates feminine: gender) = : ullmh = in preparation (no 'h' if object is: masculine) = : ag ullmh tuarascla = preparing a report ('tuarascil' is: feminine) = : ag ullmh = preparing, making ready: ullmhchn = preparation
um about, around: um thrthnna = in the evening
uncail uncle
'ur your
r fresh, new
urlabhra spokesperson
urlr floor
urra sponsor, financial backer
urraocht sponsorship
rscal novel
s interest on capital <not: `interesting'!> =
sid use: a sid = to use: sidfidh SCEB = SCEB will use
sc animal oil, fish oil, goose grease: resin (from wood)
Vrs, Warsaw
vta vote
vta a chaitheamh to cast a vote

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