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See also my research, work, and software projects.

Computer science

  • A Comparison of Methods for Evolving Neural Networks (1998)
    My master's thesis homepage, with full source code in C++.
    See also publications and free software:
    • Neural networks C++ library (Inanna)
    • Evolutionary algorithms C++ library (Cakra)
    • Evolutionary neural networks C++ library (ANNalee)
    • L-Systems generation and visualization

  • Parallel processing software (1999)
    Assignments and exercises from two courses.
    Parallel software for MPI in C++:
    • N-body simulation
    • Two-dimensional heat transfer simulation
    • One-dimensional finite difference calculation
    • Mandelbrot series calculation and visualization
    • Simple ping program
    • Generic C++ wrapper for MPI/MPE/MPICH

  • Prototype of a real-time strategy game (1999)
    Assignment of a Linux programming course
    • Generic object-oriented design
    • Server/multiclient architecture networked through TCP/IP sockets
    • Multiplayer client in C++/Qt

  • Directed graphs (1997)
    • User interface in Java
    • Remote procedure calls through HTTP
    • Solver application in C++
    • Compatible digraph handling classes for Java and C++

  • Prediction of time series with neural networks
    Assignment of neural networks course at Åbo Akademi
    • Software outdated and obsoleted. See Inanna.
    • Backpropagation with momentum learning algorithm

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