Cydia Hübner, [1825]
  • Encelis; Stephens, 1834, (missp.)
  • Eucells; Caradja, 1916, (missp.)
  • Lasperesia; Wu, 1938, (missp.)
  • Subgenus Kenneliola (Cydia); [RFEL]
  • Lespeyresia; Gozmány, 1957, (missp.)
  • Erminia; Obraztsov, 1959, (missp.)
  • Crobilophora; Obraztsov, 1959, (missp.)
  • Cydia (Laspeyresiini); [NACL], 38
  • Cydia (Grapholitini); [RFEL]

Some of these may need to be moved into Grapholita?

Subgenus Cydia
The pactolanae species-group
The strobilellae species-group
The pomonellae species-group
The illutanae species-group
The servillanae species-group
The duplicanae species-group
The cosmophoranae species-group
Subgenus Kenneliola
The splendanae species-group
The maackianae species-group
The trasias species-group
The exquisitanae species-group
Subgenus Endopisa
The succedanae species-group
The nigricanae species-group
The adenocarpae species-group
The semicinctanae species-group
The microgrammanae species-group

Unknown or unplaced taxa

  • Laspeyresia tricentra Meyrick, 1907; J. Bombay nat. Hist. Soc. 17 (3): 734; TL: Maskeliya, Peradeniya and Puttalam, Ceylon; Travancore, Mhow, Bombay, Poona

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