Home of European IRC Operators

The IRC operators are responsible of keeping their servers running and linked together. In order to assit in the coordination of european IRC links, server administrators created the European Board of IRC Operators, or EBIC for short. Representatives from each country are selected to the board. There are simple and short rules for server admins in Europe. A set of rules concerning client access on servers was added later.
The EBIC ratified also a set of global rules July 6th 1994.
The channel #eu-opers has its own guardian, called EU-Oper. It is a bit smarter bot than average in IRC. It is not violent, but serves more as information database. For example it records login times of most european IRC operators. This information can be queried like: "/msg EU-Oper whois nickname". For more information send help to EU-Oper.

There is administrative mailing list for european IRC networking. The list address is irc-eu@ifens01.insa-lyon.fr. This list is run by listprocessor software, so any requests concerning the list should be mailed to listserv@ifens01.insa-lyon.fr. To get help, send "help" in mail message to the listserv address, and you will get help file in reply.

As a guide to new european ircers and a reminder for older farts there is InfoEBIC document with all the essential data and pointers. Some of the regular users on #EU-Opers have own WWW homepage.