Crypto papers


  • On Modes of Operation by Biham
  • Differential Cryptanalysis of the Full 16-Round DES by Biham and Shamir (Dec-91)
  • New Types of Cryptanalytic Attacks Using Related Keys by Biham (Sep-92)
  • Differential Cryptanalysis of Lucifer by Biham and Ben-Aroya (Oct-93)
  • On Matsui's Linear Cryptanalysis by Biham (Apr-94)
  • An Improvement of Davies' Attack on DES by Biham and Biryukov (May-94)
  • Cryptanalysis of Multiple Modes of Operation
  • A Known Plaintext Attack on the PKZIP Stream Cipher by Biham and Kocher (Dec-94)
  • How to Forge DES-Encrypted Messages in $2^{28}$ Steps Biham (Aug-96)
  • Cryptanalysis of Triple-Modes of Operation by Biham (Aug-96)
  • Key-Schedule Cryptoanalysis of IDEA, G-DES, GOST, SAFER and Triple-DES by Kelsey, Schneier and Wagner
  • Related-Key Cryptanalysis of 3-WAY, Biham-DES, CAST, DES-X, NewDES, RC2 and TEA by Kelsey, Schneier and Wagner
  • The Security of MacGuffin by Wagner
  • The Security of MacGuffin thesis by Wagner (Apr-95)
  • Searching for the Optimum Correlation Attack by Anderson
  • Differential Fault Analysis of Secret Key Cryptosystems by Eli Biham, Adi Shamir
  • Cryptanalysis of the ANSI X9.52 CBCM Mode by Eli Biham, Lars R. Knudsen
  • A Faster Attack on Certain Stream Ciphers by Ross Anderson
  • Basic Cryptoanalysis FM-34-40-2
  • Differential Cryptanalysis of the ICE Encryption Algoritm by van Rompay, Knudsen and Rijmen
  • Improved Differential Attacks on RC5 by Knudsen and Meier
  • Truncated Differentials of SAFER by Knudsen and Berson
  • Two Attacks on Reduced IDEA by Borst, Knudsen and Rijmen
  • Weakness in LOKI97 by Rijmen and Knudsen
  • Observations on the SkipJack Encryption Algorithm by Biham, Biryukov, Dunkelman, Richardson, Adi Shamir
  • Differential Collisions: an Explanation for SHA-1 by Chaubaud, Joux
  • Status report on the first round of the development of the advanced encryption standard by NIST
  • Real Time Cryptanalysis of the Alleged A5/1 on a PC (preliminary draft)" by Biryukov and Shamir


  • Computer Generated Random Numbers by Deley (1991)
  • P1363: Appendix E - Cryptographic Random Numbers, Draft v1.0 by Ellison, Kalinski (Nov-95)
  • rfc1750 - Randomness Recommendations for Security MIT (Dec-94)


  • International Data Encryption Algorithm
  • How to Strengthen DES Using Existing Hardware revised version by Biham and Biryukov
  • A Software-Optimized Encryption Algorithm (SEAL) by Phillip Rogaway and Don Coppersmith
  • The MacGuffin Block Cipher Algorithm by Blaze and Schneier
  • Efficient Symmetric-Key Ciphers Based on an NP-Complete Subproblem Preliminary Draftby Matt Blaze (Oct-96)
  • On Fibonacci Keystream Generators by Anderson
  • Two Practical and Provably Secure Block Ciphers: BEAR and LION by Anderson and Biham (Dec-95)
  • Provably Secure and Efficient Block Ciphers by Pat Morin
  • RC5 Encryption algorithm by Ronald Rivest
  • CRISP: A Feistel cipher with hardened key-scheduling by Marcus Leech
  • Chameleon - A New Kind of Stream Cipher by Anderson and Manifavas
  • The Block Cipher Square by Daemen, Knudsen and Rijmen Visit Algorithm Homepage!
  • Tea extensions by Needham and Wheeler
  • DEAL - A 128-bit Block Cipher by Lars Knudsen (ex. AES candidate)
  • Serpent: A New Block Cipher Proposal by Biham, Anderson and Knudsen (AES round 2 candidate) Visit Algorithm Homepage!
  • Twofish: A 128-Bit Block Cipher by Schneier, Kelsey, Whiting, Wagner, Hall (AES round 2 candidate) Visit Algorithm Homepage!
  • LOKI97 by Brown, Pieprzyk (ex. AES candidate) Visit Algorithm Homepage!
  • The CAST-256 Encryption Algorithm by Carlisle Adams (ex. AES candidate)
  • The RC6 Block Cipher by Rivest, Robshaw, Sidney, Yin (AES round 2 candidate)
  • AES Proposal: Rijndael by Daemen and Rijmen (AES round 2 candidate) Visit Algorithm Homepage!
  • MARS - a candiate cipher for AES by Coppersmith & co (AES round 2 candidate) Visit Algorithm Homepage!
  • SKIPJACK and KEA Algorithm Specifications by NSA (NIST page)

    Digital signatures and hash functions

  • HAVAL - A One-Way Hashing Algorithm with Variable Lenght of Output
  • Tiger: A Fast New Hash Function by Anderson and Biham (1996)


  • All-Or-Nothing Encryption and The Package Transform by Ronald Rivest
  • Chaffing and Winnowing: Confidentiality without Encryption by Ronald Rivest
  • The Steganographic File System by Anderson, Needham and Shamir
  • Crypto in Europe - Markets, Law and Policy by Ross Anderson
  • Snake Oil FAQ by Matt Curtin

    Other publications of the authors'

  • Ross Anderson
  • Eli Biham
  • Peter Gutmann
  • Lars R. Knudsen
  • Vincent Rijmen
  • Terry Ritter
  • Ronald Rivest
  • Adi Shamir
  • Tatu Ylönen
  • David Wagner
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