BIND 9.6.2-P3 is a maintenance release for BIND 9.6.

This document summarizes changes from BIND 9.6.2-P2 to BIND 9.6.2-P3. Please see the CHANGES file in the source code release for a complete list of all changes.


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New Features



Feature Changes



Security Fixes


  • Adding a NO DATA signed negative response to cache failed to clear any matching RRSIG records already in cache. A subsequent lookup of the cached NO DATA entry could crash named (INSIST) when the unexpected RRSIG was also returned with the NO DATA cache entry. [RT #22288] [CVE-2010-3613] [VU#706148]
  • BIND, acting as a DNSSEC validator, was determining if the NS RRset is insecure based on a value that could mean either that the RRset is actually insecure or that there wasn't a matching key for the RRSIG in the DNSKEY RRset when resuming from validating the DNSKEY RRset. This can happen when in the middle of a DNSKEY algorithm rollover, when two different algorithms were used to sign a zone but only the new set of keys are in the zone DNSKEY RRset. [RT #22309] [CVE-2010-3614] [VU#837744]

Bug Fixes


  • Worked around a race condition in the cache database memory handling. Without this fix a DNS cache DB or ADB could incorrectly stay in an over memory state, effectively refusing further caching, which subsequently made a BIND 9 caching server unworkable. [RT #21818]
  • Microsoft changed the behavior of sockets between NT/XP based stacks vs Vista/windows7 stacks. Server 2003/2008 have the older behavior, 2008r2 has the new behavior. With the change, different error results are possible, so ISC adapted BIND to handle the new error results. This resolves an issue where sockets would shut down on Windows servers causing named to stop responding to queries. [RT #21906]
  • Windows has non-POSIX compliant behavior in its rename() and unlink() calls. This caused journal compaction to fail on Windows BIND servers with the log error: "dns_journal_compact failed: failure". [RT #22434]

Thank You

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