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Odd-toed Ungulates - Perissodactyla (Mammalia)

Even-toed Ungulates - Artiodactyla (Mammalia)

[Harri Arkkio]

Finland; For the time being these pictures are only for this site. Other usage not allowed.
[Andreas Kiefer]

Institut fuer Zoologie; Abteilung Oekologie; Johannes Gutenberg-Universitaet; Saarstr. 21; 55099 Mainz; Tel.: 06131/3923941; D-55099 Mainz, Germany;
[A. Akin Köksal]

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[Johannes Skaftason]

Iceland; e-mail: Johannes Skaftason
[D. Smirnov]

Russia, Moscow; e-mail: D. Smirnov
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[Ralf Schmode]

Geesthacht, Germany; e-mail: Ralf Schmode; More of similar pictures from Ralf Schmode's; Animal Photography Page

Markku Savela