Protected insect species in Finland


Since October 1995, the following lepidoptera species have been protected and for killing any one of them, you are fined the amount shown per specimen (at least so the theory goes) and the material is confiscated. (1FIM = roughly between US 0.20 .. 0.25) (NOTE: quite many of the species have been protected before this, but the definite fines are a new thing).

From beginning of 1997, there has been some changes to the list. I have no knowledge if the "fines" have been changed.
Scientific name Fine (FIM) English Common name Comments
Hesperia comma catena 2,500 Silver-spotted Skipper This is the Nothern ssp. occuring in Kilpisjärvi region.
Parnassius apollo 5,000 Apollo
Parnassius mnemosyne 2,000 Clouded Apollo
Lycaena dispar 10,000 Large Copper
Pseudophilotes baton 10,000 Baton Blue
Scolitantides orion 2,500 Chequered Blue
Maculinea arion 7,000 Large Blue
Agriades glandon 4,000 Glandon Blue
Clossiana titania 2.500 Titania's Fritillary
Clossiana thore thore 1,300 Thore's Fritillary Karelian ssp.
Melitaea diamina 7,500 False-heath Fritillary
Euphydryas maturna ? Scarce Fritillary Included in 1997 due to EU legislation. Not rare in Finland.
Euphydryas aurinia 900 Marsh Fritillary
Lopinga achine 2,500 Woodland Brown
Scopula corrivalaria 4,000
Scopula decorata 10,000
Chloroclystis v-ata relicta 7,500 V-Pug (1997) The protection status is clarified to apply to the specific subspecies native in Finland.
Zygaena osterodensis 10,000
Bembecia ichneumoniformis 900 Six-belted Clearwing
Cynaeda dentalis 10,000
Caryocolum petryi 10,000
Lobesia euphorbiana 900
Ethmia terminella 7,500
The following lepidoptera species are no more included in the list (removed 1997). I am listing them here just for a reminder.
Scientific name English Common name Comments
Sesia bembeciformis Lunar Hornet Moth
Chortodes brevilinea Fenn's Wainscot


Scientific name English Common name Comments
Osmoderma eremita
Cucujus cinnaberinus
Dytiscus latissimus
Graphoderus bilineatus


Scientific name English Common name Comments
Aeshna viridis
Leucorrhinia caudalis
Leucorrhinia albifrons
Leucorrhinia pectoralis

1997 Markku Savela