Celtis Hackberries

Foodplants for Acytolepis puspa, Anthene ligures, Asterocampa celtis, A. celtis antonia, A. clyton, Automeris io, A. louisiana, Beara dichromella, Celastrina lavendularis, Charaxes etheocles evansi, C. tiridates, Dilipa fenestra, Doxocopa clothilda, D. laure, Ecdytolopha mana, Epinotia celtisana, Exophyla rectangularis, Halysidota steinbachi, H. tucumanicola?, Hypanartia bella, H. lethe, Libythea labdaca, Libytheana carinenta?, L. carinenta bachmanii, Nymphalis interrogationis, Phyllonorycter celtidis, Polyptychoides grayi, Polyura pyrrhus, Pseudoclanis postica, Rapala varuna, Selepa celtis, Thaleropis ionia, Tremex columba, T. fuscicornis

Unmatched external taxa

31.1.2022 (17)


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