Rubiaceae Juss., 1789 Matarakasvit Madder Family
  • Aparinaceae Hoffmanns. & Link
  • Asperulaceae Spenn.
  • Catesbaeaceae Martinov
  • Cephalanthaceae Dumort
  • Cinchonaceae Batsch
  • Coffeaceae Batsch
  • Coutareaceae Martinov
  • Galiaceae Lindl.

Foodplants for Adelpha fessonia, Aellopos fadus, A. tantalus?, A. titan, Cizara ardeniae, Daphnis hypothous, Diachrysia nadeja, Euclidia mi, Hypena stygiana, Ischyja manlia, Lasionycta secedens, Orbona fragariae, Perigonia lusca?, Polypogon strigilata, Pterotosoma castanea, Rathinda amor, Sphingonaepiopsis nana, Xylophanes chiron


[sp-1.jpg] 1000x1365 (~183Kb) USA: Miller Canyon, Sierra Vista, Cochise Co., Arizona, 8.8.2005, Photo © Markku Savela

The exact identification of this species is still unknown, but tentatively assumed to belong into this group.

5.2.2022 (73)


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