Catasticta Butler, 1870
  • Euterpe; auth.

Grouping, arrangement, synonyms and type locations are mainly based on [CatL].

Subgenus Catasticta
The flisa species-group
The sisamnus species-group
The notha species-group
Subgenus Archonoia Reissinger, 1972
The ctemene species-group
The teutamis species-group
The grisea species-group
The colla species-group
Subgenus Catasticta
  • Catasticta; (s. l.)
The susiana species-group
The philone species-group
The aureomaculata species-group
The manco species-group
The troezene species-group
Subgenus Hesperochoia Reissinger, 1972
The poujadei species-group
The chrysolopha species-group
The toca species-group
The teutila species-group
Subgenus Leodontoia Reissinger, 1972
The cerberus species-group
The amastris species-group
The cinerea species-group
The albofasciata species-group
The rosea species-group

Unmatched external taxa

Unknown or unplaced taxa

  • cellona (Fruhstorfer, 1907) (Archonias); Soc. Ent. 22 (15): 116 [ ?? not here]

  • Euterpe elpenice Herrich-Schäffer, 1867; (nom. nud.)
  • Catasticta elpenice; [NL4A], 112

  • Euterpe paraviana Herrich-Schäffer, 1867; (nom. nud.)
  • Catasticta paraviana; [NL4A], 112

  • Catasticta zanclides Röber, 1924; Macrolep. World 5: 1021 (nom. nud.); TL: Colombia, W. Cordilere, Aguatal
  • Catasticta zanclides; [NL4A], 112

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