Plusiinae Boisduval, 1829

The basic organization, order and species are mainly based on"The Check List of the Plusiinae of the World" as presentedin[NE10], 155, where the list is credited tomultiple sources as follows:

Present checklist is a result of the long work of a group ofexperts dealing with the taxonomic and systematic questions ofthe subfamily. It is based largely on the (more or less recently)published works of G. Behounek, C. Dufay, I. J. Kitching, Z. F. Klyuchko,D. J. Lafontaine, R. W. Poole and L. Ronkay and the unpublished databasesof Gottfried Behounek, Ian Kitching and the author who would like to expressagain his sincere thanks for the kind of cooperation of the colleaguesand friend.

Above information is only included into these web pages. I can takeno credit on the taxonomic content. --msa

Tribe Omorphini Chou & Lu, 1979
Tribe Abrostolini Eichlin & Cunningham, 1978
Tribe Argyrogrammatini Eichlin & Cunningham, 1978
Tribe Plusiini Boisduval
Subtribe Autoplusiina Kitching, 1987
Subtribe Euchalciina Chou & Lu, 1979
  • Exyrina
Subtribe Plusiina Boisduval

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