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Japan is a proud user of its fast "Shinkansen" trains. This one is a Joetsu Shinkansen type E4 of Japan Rail West. This one is connecting Tokyo with Niigata at 240 km/h on normal gauge 1435 mm rails using 25 kV AC. The type entered service in 1997. Picture from Tokyo station 14.1.2018 by Vesa Kailanen.


Some call it modern, some say it's like a Formula one, some call it just plain ugly. A Joetsu Shinkansen E4.
Picture from Tokyo station 14.1.2018 by Vesa Kailanen.


Being a doubledecker train, the Joetsu Shinkansen E4 is surprisingly low in its profile. See how low down the downstairs windows are located. OK, granted, it is a high platform, but nevertheless.
Picture from Tokyo station 14.1.2018 by Vesa Kailanen.


Taking a selfie while travelling with a Shinkansen train. The bearded gentleman who takes the picture is medical doctor Heikki Hemmilä. The train is a Japanese Rail JR West 300 series Shinkansen on the Tokyo to Hakone route. Picture by Heikki Hemmilä 13.6.2009.


This is the Japan Rail West 300 series Shinkansen train. The inside view picture above is from a similar train.

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Outside view of the same class 300 Shinkansen train as in the inside view picture above. Picture 13.6.2009 by Heikki Hemmilä.
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