British Rail class 92 was designed and built for traffic in the Channel tunnel and lines approaching the "Chunnel". It can run both with 750V DC electricity from a third rail and also with 25 kV AC from an overhead catenary.

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Railways in the UK date back to the days of George Stephenson and Richard Trevithick. Railway companies were private enterprises until nationalisation and forming of British Railways (later British Rail) in 1948. Motive power and rolling stock was inherited from the private railway companies. Some considerable regional variation still exists, such as the third-rail electrification of Southern Railway.

British Rail was privatised again between 1994 and 1997, and currently the infrastructure is operated by a national company called Network Rail, and utilised by private train operating companies (TOCs).

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The "Heathrow Express" class 387 electric multiple unit is a very typical, modern British regional train. Especially the very British habit of leaving a front door in these trains makes them extremely ugly. These trains were built by Bombardier and they belong to the so called Electrostar train family. They were being built until 2017 and the Heathrow Express service began using them in 2020.

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