This picture above shows one of SJ's doubledecker Coradia Duplex trains of the class X40, a common sight in regional traffic. Picture 29.6.2016 at Örebro södra station by Ilkka Siissalo

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Sweden is a country with a lot of trains - and very different trains. In addition to the onetime state monopoly Statens Järnvägar SJ, there are nowadays ca. 30 private railroad operators in the country, many of these owned or partly owned by local authorities of the regions (Länstrafiken companies). SJ is however still strong in long distance and regional passenger services. Track maintenance is no more part of SJ itself and is often handled by foreign companies and also the former SJ Cargo has been renamed Green Cargo and operates now as a company of its own.

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An example of the "private" operators in Sweden, this is a Värmlandstrafiken Ab's regional train, a Bombardier built Regina at the Kristinehamn station 30.6.2016. Picture by Ilkka Siissalo. Värmlandstrafiken is an example of the many regional operators partly or wholly owned by the local regional municipalities, the so called Lä:nstrafiken companies.

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