South Korea

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The Korean state railways Korail KTX-I is a bullet train based on the French TGV Réseau. It is a 20 car formation optimised for maximum capacity, built partly in South Korea, partly in France. 40 trains of this type have been built 1997-2003. The trainset has 935 seats + 30 folding seats. Maximum service speed used is 305 km/h. The KTX trains are the fastest and "finest" trains in Korea. These trains run on the Gyeongbu Line (Seoul-Busan) and Honam Line (Seoul–Mokpo or Seoul–Gwangju). KTX stands for Korea Train Express.
Picture from Busan 28.12.2014 by Markku Salo.


Another KTX-I train. The train very closely resembles the French TGV Réseau built by Alstom, but is slightly newer. The very front looks a bit different. Picture from Seoul 21.12.2014 by Markku Salo.


Korean state railways Korail ITX-Saemaeul is a slightly slower train service than the KTX trains. ITX stands for Intercity Train Express. These trains do not usually use the new high speed lines, but instead run on the older, traditional train lines at slightly slower speeds and having more stops. Saemaeul trains are distinguished from the more basic Mugunghwa trains by their larger and comfortable seats and absence of standing passengers. Before the introduction of the KTX express trains, the Saemaeul were the fastest class of trains in South Korea, making the journey from Seoul to Busan in less than 5 hours. These new ITX-Saemaeul trains run with 150 km/h as their normal operational speed. Technically this train is the model EMU-150 built by Hyundai-Rotem. 138 6 car sets were built since 2014. It runs on 25 kV AC and has a power rating of 3000kW and has seats for 376 passengers.
Picture from Seoul 21.12.2014 by Markku Salo.


This train class is called Saemaeul-ho. It used to be the second fastest train class in Korea, but it is now rapidly being replaced by the newer ITX-Saemaeul trains whereever electrified lines exist. But these trains will remain the fastest and best service on non-electrified lines. The length of a Saemaeul train varies from 5 to 12 coaches. The Saemaeul-ho takes its name from the Saemaeul Undong, a movement for rural revitalization spearheaded by Park Chunghee in the 1970s. This locomotive is of the Korail class 7400, which is a General Motors engine of their type GT26 CW2. The model GT26 is an American type dating back to 1967. It has six axles and depending on the variant a power rating of 2240 to 2460 kW and a maximum speed of 124-150 km/h. Almost the same machines were once exported to Yugoslavia, South Korea, Algeria, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, South Africa, Sudan, Turkey and Zimbabwe. See for example the section of Slovenia in this railroad pictures archive for a very similar ex-Yugoslavian machine.
Picture from Seoul 21.12.2014 by Markku Salo.
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