Slovenia is a small and beautiful country with a lot of interesting trains. Unfortunately though, Slovenian trains tend to be almost all totally smudged by really ugly graffiti and other vandalism, which makes them a not so attractive way of travel.
This one is a luxury train in Slovenian scale. It is an Italian Pendolino of the Slovenian railways SZ class 310, also known as ICS (InterCity Slovenia). Picture from Celje station 2.7.2015 by Ilkka Siissalo.

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Slovenian Railways SZ's newest and best locomotive is the class 541, which is the same machine that is called class 1216 in Austria. It is a Siemens' third generation Taurus locomotive with several electric systems. These machines can run not only in Slovenia, but also in Austria, Hungary, Czech republic and Italy. They are used especially on the Austria via Slovenia to Italy route.
Picture from the station of Lesce Bled 9.7.2007 by Ilkka Siissalo.

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