People's Republic of China

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So called K train between Beijing and Shenyang. These are so called "soft sleeper" coaches in the overnight train. Picture 18.4.2006 by Heikki Hemmilä.


"VIP waiting area" in Beijing for passengers waiting to board the "soft sleeper" coaches of a Beijing to Shenyang night train. Picture 17.4.2006 by Heikki Hemmilä.


Two Western tourists inside a so called K train soft sleeper coach. This is by Chinese standards a luxury sleeper wagon. Picture 17.4.2006 by Heikki Hemmilä.


The Shenyang coal mine area is one of the largest in the Far East. Coal is hauled by trains, many of which are still steam engine powered.
Picture from Shenyang 22.4.2006 by Heikki Hemmilä.


Two locomotives of the shunter type DF-5 built 1976-2006 by the factories Tangshan and CRRC Qingdao Sifang. The total number of locomotives produced of this type was 1014.
Picture from Fuzhou in 2006 by Risto Vormala.


Another class DF-5 diesel road shunter. The picture was taken along the Shendan railway line which leads from China to North Korea.
Picture from near the Tangshanchengzhen station 29.5.2018 by Markku Salo.


A diesel locomotive of the type DF4B (Dong Feng 4B). The Dong Feng 4 type and its subtypes are among the most common locomotives in China. The subtype DF4B is known by the nickname watermelon, military police, or orange (passenger variant). According to wikipedia, generally speaking, watermelons and militarys are used for freight, while oranges are almost exclusively used for passenger services. DF4Bs are very similar to standard DF4s, apart from an improved engine (16V240ZJB). Production started at the factory Dalian in 1984. Top speed of the freight version is 100 km/h. Over 4500 locomotives of the DF4 family have been built.
Picture from Fuzhou in 2006 by Risto Vormala.


Electric locomotive of the six axle elecric locomotive type SS3. These machines were built 1978-93 at the CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive factories, CRRC Ziyang factories and CRRC Datong factories in 677 copies (other sources cite 1410 copies). It is a 100 km/h fast machine with a power rating of 4320 kW. The notation SS3 refers to Shaoshan 3 and it was the third ever produced main line Chinese electric locomotive. It is intended only for 25 kV AC current. This one, no. 0645 has been produced by the Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Works.
Picture from Fuzhou in 2006 by Risto Vormala.


Another SS3 electric locomotive, now in front of an express train. This no. 4108 was made by Datong Locomotive works as the first one of their third and last series of SS3 locomotives
Picture from Fuzhou in 2006 by Risto Vormala.


A class SS3 electric locomotive inside the repair and service halls in Fuzhou. This individual locomotive has also been made at the Datong Locomotive works as one of their last series machines.
Picture from Fuzhou in 2006 by Risto Vormala.


Drivers cab of a class SS3 locomotive.
Picture from Fuzhou in 2006 by Risto Vormala.


The locomotive type SS4 is a two times four axle double locomotive made originally by the CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive works, but also produced by some other companies as well. They were built 1985-2006 in 1577 copies. It is a 25 kV AC machine with a 6400 kW power rating and a top speed of 100 km/h. It is 32,8 meters long and has a weight of 23 tons per axle. Compared with European locomotives, in many ways it has the power of one TRAXX or EuroSprinter but double their size and weight.
Picture from Fuzhou in 2006 by Risto Vormala.
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