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Volotea is a Spanish low-cost airline registered in Castrillón, Spain with bases in Spain, Italy, France and Greece. Volotea was established by Alaeo S.L. from Barcelona, a company created by former Vueling founders, Carlos Muñoz and Lázaro Ros. The name "Volotea" originates from the Spanish verb "revolotear," meaning "to fly around. Volotea started with a fleet of only Boeing 717 planes, a model which actually is not developed by Boeing, but is the very last version of the well known McDonnell Douglas DC-9 series. However, in November 2015, Volotea announced plans to phase out its 717 fleet over the next few years and replace it with Airbus A320 family aircraft. Volotea operates currently 79 destinations with a fleet of 36 planes, some B717, some Airbuses. But the Airbuses are not of A320 but A319 series. Currently Volotea has 19 Airbus A319 version 100 and 17 Boeing 717 version 200 planes.

This one, EI-FBM is a Boeing 717 version 200, a machine which was originally delivered to Midwest Airlines of the US in February 2006. It flew for Midwest until January 2010 and then with MexicanaClick until July 2013 when it joined the Volotea fleet. The machine is leased and in the Irish airliner register (EI-).
Picture from Málaga airport in Spain 11.11.2019 by Ilkka Siissalo.

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