Plane cockpit photos

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A 1536 x 1024 JPG B&W file transcripted from a Kodak Photo CD. This photo has been taken in a Fokker F28 FELLOWSHIP of SABENA in critical light conditions. By night without flash. Film used: KODAK TMAX 3200 (B&W) developed at its maximum possibilities (i.e 12500 ASA). Computer treatment: Despeckle filter and gamma correction to 0.8. Camera used : An old NIKON EM because of its objective (50 mm F1/1.8) Speed 1/90s. I didn't remove the UV filter. I just do suspect the film to be Infra Red sensitive,it could explain the halos around objects.
Freeware picture, copyright Georges de Wailly, 11 Avenue du Poujeau, 33600 PESSAC, FRANCE
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