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The "old" Alitalia was founded as a company as Alitalia – Società Aerea Italiana S.p.A. in 1999 although it was well known as one of Europe's biggest airlines already long before. The "old" Alitalia ceased all operations in 2015 and was practically bankrupt, leaving a huge mass of debt to the Italian taxpayers to pay. We encourage you to read the complicated and sad story at Wikipedia about Alitalia. The current "new" Alitalia is a new company made by merging the remains of the old Alitalia with the likewise bankrupt Air One. There were a lot of dirty or at least questionable movements with which the debts were left for the Italian taxpayors to pay, but the more or less sound business was taken over by the "new" company, which is today 25% owned by Air France KLM and tied firmly together with them.

EI-IKF is an Airbus A320 of the "new" Alitalia. It's the former I-BIKF which was delivered as new to the "old" Alitalia in 2001, then moved to Eurofly in 2001 and then as Alitalia became more or less bankrupt, was moved to Irish register as EI-IKF. The "new" Alitalia now leases it.
Picture from Paris Charles de Gaulle international airport 8.11.2019 by Ilkka Siissalo.

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