Airlines based in Russia

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Aeroflot is the official national flag carrier of Russia and before that, the flag carrier of the former Soviet Union. Today Aeroflot uses mostly western aircraft. This one is an Airbus A321 version 211 in a special livery for the Manchester United football club in Britain.
Picture from Geneve Cointrin airport 9.2.2020 by Ilkka Siissalo.


Another Aeroflot A321, but this time in their standard livery. Picture from Thessaloniki airport, Greece 10.6.2016 by Ilkka Siissalo.



A Yakovlev Yak-42D jet seen at the Moscow Domodedomo airport, ready to fly to Izhevsk, Udmurtia. Izhavia is the national airline of the Udmurt Republic of Russia. They have 18 planes in use and this type Yak-42D is the most modern of them.
Picture 24.11.2018 by Markku Salo.


The same Yakovlev Yak-42D jet as above, but now at Izhevsk airport, Udmurtia.
Picture 24.11.2018 by Markku Salo.

Rossiya - Russian Airlines


This VP-BIT is an Airbus A319 version 100. As new it was delivered to Frontier Airlines of USA in June 2002. It was sold to the Russians in July 2008. At Frontier the machine carried the name "Lucy the Canadian Goose". When at Rossiya, its name is now "Ulan-Ude".
Picture from Düsseldorf airport in Germany 9.10.2016 by Ilkka Siissalo.

S7 Siberia Airlines


Russian S7 Airlines Airbus A320 registered as VP-BOM at the Novosibirsk airport. The machine is an Airbus A320-214 and it flies frequently between the cities Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Bangkok and Beijing.
Picture from Novosibirsk 30.1.2019 by Markku Salo.


Russian S7 Siberia Airlines VQ-BYB is an Embraer ERJ-170. It was originally delivered to MidAtlantic Airways in 2004 and it served at Republic Airlines from 2006 to 2017 when it joined the S7 fleet.
Picture from the Novosibirsk Tolmachevo airport 30.1.2019 by Markku Salo.


S7 Siberia Airlines VQ-BYG is an Embraer ERJ-170 SU. Like the VQ-BYB shown above also this machine was delivered to MidAtlantic Airways in 2004 and served then at Republic Airways since 2006. S7 took it in use in 11/2017.
The white plane in the background is UT air's ATR-72 VQ-BLI. Picture from the Novosibirsk Tolmachevo airport 30.1.2019 by Markku Salo.

Volga-Dnepr Airlines


A huge Antonov An-124 freighter operated by the Volga-Dnepr airlines. This text is from Wikipedia: "Volga-Dnepr Airlines, LLC (Russian: ООО «Авиакомпания «Волга-Днепр») is an airline based in Ulyanovsk, Russia. It specializes in providing air charter services by operating a unique fleet of twelve Antonov An-124 (largest production cargo aircraft), five Boeing 747-8F and five IL-76TD-90VD (Stage IV) ramp all cargo aircraft certified for global operations. It is a world leader in the global market for the movement of oversize, unique and heavy air cargo." It's possible that the visit of this giant had something to do with Mr Putin's visit to Helsinki.
Picture from Helsinki-Vantaa airport 24.8.2019 by Ilkka Siissalo.

Ural Airlines


Ural Airlines Airbus A319 VQ-BTP. The machine is from the year 2009 and before Ural Airlines it has served at ArmAvia and FlyGeorgia.
Picture from the Novosibirsk Tolmachevo airport 30.1.2019 by Markku Salo.
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