Here you can find some digital photography utilities made by Marko Mäkelä. See also the primary distribution site and the freshmeat.net project page.

Please read the release notes for version 1.2.4 and the change log.

Precompiled Binaries

System Package Built by Remarks
Win32 photomolo-win32-1_2_4.zip Marko Mäkelä No installer; compiled and tested on Windows XP SP2 with MinGW
Mac OS X photomolo-1.2.3.dmg Thomas Kaiser Installed under /usr/local

Source Code

Added option -P to indicate progress. Added photomolo options for creating a separate thumbnail directory tree with links to the original files and for invoking an external conversion program to handle other than JPEG images.
Source code distribution 1.2.3 (improved tolerance of erroneous Exif data in exifiron, improved the HTML generated by photomolo, allow jpegnail to embed precomputed thumbnail images)
Source code distribution 1.2.2 (more robust handling of errors in EXIF data, Win32 rename() bug fix)
Source code distribution 1.2.1 (fixed a bug in comment handling of jpegcom, cleaned up all code)
Source code distribution 1.2 (added the jpegnail utility, improved photomolo and exifiron)
Source code distribution 1.1.1 (added exifiron options -s and -S for saving output in separate directories, and added a sample exifiron front-end script photocopy), and corrected a fatal bug introduced in the Win32 version of photomolo 1.1.
Source code distribution 1.0.1 (added the exifiron utility)
Source code distribution 1.0

Please note that this is no longer the primary distribution site of these tools!

Marko Mäkelä